Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Somethin for the lady in ya life!!!!

Recently I have been shocked to see the emergence of Coogi Handbags in many of today's top 10 music videos(the ace hood joint and the ne-yo, jammie fox and fab remix). I have to say Coogi has done it again with another addition to their women's line. Everybody used to go crazy over the Coogi Dresses the Females used to wear. with the same concept of using the same fabric as the legendary sweaters, they've used for the purses. I'm just glad they didn't make purses and slapped the Coogi name all over it, like they've done half of their Men's line. But one thing stuck out in my mind. Why is it that the Purse was on the images of the most sexy and fashion foward females? Females that look more like the Chanel/Loui Bag types. I mean as much as people still want to hold on to Coogi's reputation for high prices, you can find Coogi in A.J. Wright now!!! Which to me, has reduced the brand down to being like a Chaps!!! LOL!! O.k. I'm buggin!!! Never that!!! But, I went on Coogi's official website and looked at the price of the bag. Ladies, if you don't mind paying $600.00 for the bag, then its yours. I must say the bag is worth it. This is the new item for the diva. Of course I know one girl who doesn't need that bag to be a diva... Pookie!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Like Coogi I must Agree With you I Like Thoes Bags But The Bag Dont make Me I MAKE THE BAG!!!! lol Good Job On This One Bookie