Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Chanel Iman

OH HEYYYYYYYYYYYY, I LOVE YO BROWN SKIN, GIRLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I'm buggin with the hood rat statis!!! But this sexy beauty is the lovely 18 year old Chanel Iman. What a name!! A name that sounds destined to be amongst fashion's elite. Normally on my For the Love of the FuZz segment, I don't like to high light super model types because usually they're just walking clothing wracks. But so are half of today's stars!!!1 But what I will say about Chanel is that when she puts a garment on she gives it life, wether its on the runway or out and about!!!! And you pair that style and confidence with a pretty face, you have a dangerous combo. I'm telling you, google this girl. She has worn some of the sickest dresses possable. My only concern is this chicks weight!!!!! YO WHAT'S UP WITH THESE EXTRA THIN CHICKS!!!???? Somebody get these girls a cheese burger quick!!! I know she's model and all but gosh!!!! But homegirl is the future of fashion models. She's better then that boy chasin Gerren from Baldwin Hills!!! O.k. i'm not hating. But my money is on Chanel!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

She is Very Pretty I Took Your Advice And Googled her and she is one bad girl when it comes to dressing she gets an A+ in my book. I Agree with you she is toooooooo Skinny but hey i also agree when you say she's better than garren i can't stand that girl lol. Yes babe you were mad bird headed in the begging lol