Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well as you all know I've been in love with the zota and taj collection shoe brands. I love em cause it's like all people know is Stacy Adams this, Giorgio Brutini that. It's like people don't know any other shoe brands. So my job is to put the world up on game. Next to Zota, The Taj Collection is on some next level junk. Well obviously, cause I freaked the Rainbow striped Taj's st the Hillhouse vs Cross basketball Jan 15, man, straight mass histeria!!!! Well these boots are no exception!!! I love the detail on them.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yes Baby By: Veronica(Virgo Diva)

Yes Baby

Incense Burning
Fragrance Filled Room
Outside The Stars Watch
On The Inside We Touch
Anticiapting Sweat
In Bed We Wail
Lusting For Me
You Reach To Grab me
We Kiss, We Lick, And We Bite.
Getting Up You Wrap Me In Your Strong Embrace
Tounges Hungrily Explore Mouths
Clawing, Pulling, And Panting.
We Declare Our Love Lust And Passion With Probing Fingertips And Curious Tounges
Skin On Skin Sends us Trembling
My Inner Thighs Show The Runaway To Our Destination
Yes Baby
Yes baby
It's Your

If I Were To Fall In love by Veronica

If i were to fall in love
It would have to be with you
Your eyes, Your smile The way laugh.
The things you do takes me to places my heart never knew
So if i were to fall in love it would have to be with you
If i were to give my heart it would have to be to you
For you bring things into my heart so beautiful and new
Love, so soft and warm beside me that i know it's true.
So if i were to give my heart it would be to you.
I was looking for an answer, I was looking for a way.
To keep the magic that you bring to each and every day.
To live our lives together as on lovers do.
It started with a feeling and everyday it grew.
So when i knew i was in love. I knew it was with you

1st Sight Of Love!!!!! by Veronica Smith

Current mood: creative
Category: Writing and Poetry

I knew you were special
The first time our eyes met
That you'd be the one i wouldn't forget.
This never happened to me before, it took me by surprise
Cause all i did was look past your face and connected with your eyes.
I know that it is true because right from the start
You looked past my flaws and reached for my heart.
Each night before i go to sleep
Each morning when i wake
It is always your face i see within my dreams
Now that i met you i can't set my heart free.
Just the thought of you drives me up a tree.
I'm the one who longs to hold you, The one who loves you so
I don't know what i'd do if you decided to go


In the world of men's luxery fashion brands, it's hard to find a line that is cutting edge, yet chic. Everybody is either on Ralph Lauren's balls or trying to identify with their regal side with Burberry, or trying to be Kanye with Louis Vuitton. However, a brand that is not afraid to dive head first off a cliff, while everybody shakes their head, is Etro. Etro is a line that lives for bold patterns, loud colors, and uses rich fabrics. The tailoring is rather too tight for my taste. However, it's a far cry from the plain ordinary drab suits that others put out. It's the closest to player statis that the coture scene can get. They get my highest praise.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5 senses of love by Veronica Smith

Whats It Like To be In Love? Many Cant Answer That Why? Because The Simply Haven't Found It Or They Just Dont See It. I Have A Theory Called The 5 Senses Of Love. I Feel his Love With Every Touch. It Maybe When He Caresses Me Or When He Holds Me Or Simply When He Runs His Fingers Threw My Hair. I Taste His Love With Every Breath Taking Kiss Or As We Call It Our Award Grammy Winning Kiss. Its Just So Passionate And Never Ending Whenever We Stop We Just Start All Over Again. I Hear his Love Whenever He Whispers His Sweet Nothings In My Ear. He Knows Just The Right Things To Put My Soul At Ease And To make me Smile When I'm having The Worst Day. I See His Love, Evertime We Are Together He Treats me Just Like A Lady. He Opens Doors For me, Takes My Coat Off And Puts It Back On, He Looks me In The Eyes And He Pulls Out My Chair For MIf Thats Not Love Then I Dont Know What Is lol. As For Smell, I Always Can Smell his Love Like It's Dripping Out Of His Pores. I Can Smell It Be it From The Look On His Face When he Stares At me Or just From The Affecttion He Shows Me. I Am In Love, Madly Truly, And Deeply In Love. When Milton E. Brown Jr Came Into my life i was at my lowest point. I was fed-up and tired of being hurt. I ready to give up on love all together. But god willing this man came into my life and stole my hearts and for that i am glad. He backs me up with every choice i make he is there for me and thats exactly what i love aout him. He is my Knight in Shining(In His Words Fuzz lol). But everyday i thank god for him cause i have truly been blessed

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The third person in each picture is my blood sister Tanya. Today is also her birthday. that's wild my sister and my child hood homey shared the same birthday. Well this one digs a lil deeper to me. She also has departed from this earth to be with the lord. This picture depicts the last time I ever saw her alive. It kind of hurts because when I saw her again was at her funeral. Kind of morbid. But let me say this to everybody, cherish your siblings and your love ones as long as you can. You don't know how long you have with them. Anyway Tanya, have a happy birthday, and just remember I love you.


THEY SAY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG IN THE HOOD WHERE I'M FROM!!!!! Howard Ave ain't the same without you man!!! You will always be in our hearts!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Word on the FuZz Ya'll, JADE is one sexy heffa!!! o.k. my bad for the heffa comment LOL!! But I was in love in love with her on America's next top model. I know tyra and the other judges hated it, but her look was so mean and intimidating!!!Her confidence was so much of a turn on!!! But what was the best about jade was that she was the only Top Model contestant that actually had style. Isn't that ironic? You would think most models, male or female are the most stylish people in the world. But the majority of them aren't!!! If you look at it, they're just at the hands of stylists and designers. It doesn't take much thought if someone else is dressing you. But with jade, she came to the show with her own look. I mean she made a statement with that FRO lookin like a light skinned Angela Davis!!!! Foxy Cleopatra better go some where!!!!! LOL! She just don'y understand!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I must confess Yes I am a fan

O.k. I must confess I am becoming a religious watcher of the new ABC show the Cashmere Mafia. Now these shows that depict high power bussiness woman as well dressed, high class whores who try to jugle a career and a relationship as well, have probably bit their concept from the orinator, Sex in the city. Now this show will never reach that height( I mean nothing is like the original), but i must say it's fun to watch them try. Every one of these shows have a break out, style star(example, sarah jessica parker). The fashionista in this show, is non other the glamorous Lucy Lu!!! That chick is too too sexy. Now, whoever styles her, knows what they are doing. I love her style. Well enough of that check it out on Wedsdays at 10:00 pm

Monday, January 7, 2008


Yo X-MAS done paased, done copped mad sick shoes, and i'm ready to cop more fuzz on my wish list. Oh and trust you will see me sporting these bad boys!!! Ya'll know the shoes collection is mean!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Ok my baby girl veronica and I decided to venture to tbe Milford mall after our meal. While there my ever so stylish beauty and I had a ball stuntin FuZz on these fags. I did a lil shopping and WE WERE ON UGG PATROL!!! Do you know veronica counted 62 pairs of Uggs on chicks? That junk was funny crackin jokes on them barbarian boot wearin chicks!!!! LOL! So from there we decided to go to the movies to see that BOOST MOBILE AD GONE WRONG, ONE MISSED CALL!!! Yo on the real I ain't never seen no mess like this in my life!!! Besides the wack story line and wild off the wall stupid special effects, it was the worst form of product placement I have ever seen!!!! Through the whole movie all you saw was boost mobile phones!!! All they needed was to have the chick in the movie yell out where you at!!!!! I'm mad that there were gullable people who were actually scared in the movie!!!! Yo they had to have written this script during the strike!!!! It must have applied to movie films too, cause this is wrong!!! Yo whoever wrote that script should be dragged in the middle of the street and beat like rodney king!!! And boost mobile should be ashamed for such shameless advertising!!!!! But all in all it was funny to watch the ignorance of script writters!! I would actually pay to see it again!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

~*A Letter To My True Love*~

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Current mood: loved
Category: Romance and Relationships

Its official that its been 1yr and 21days since me and hubby became one. I can honestly sit here and say that i know that not only does he love me, but he is also in love with me. For those who dont know there is a diffrence. i must say that he is the man of my dreams my knight in shining armor and i dont plan on letting him go. So ladies you might as well get out of line cause i'm here for the long run. He is the man i've waited my entire life for and our future is very bright and it gets no better than this. He is my king and i am his queen and we dont plan on stepping down. To all the losers that had me and broke my heart all i gotta say is i am a dimond in the rough but you never saw me shine until now, Why is that? Because you treated me dirty and didn't take the time to take a step back and look at what you had but i bet you see it now But it's too late lol. Now milton is the reason that i sparkle and glisten the way i do cause he appreciates me and gives me all the love that my heart, soul, and body can carry. I am in love with him because he knows how to treat me and he doesn't disrepect me and he's honest. I know that his heart is true and his words are real. To all the ladies that broke his heart i just wanna say if they never done anything stupid well letting him go was dumb. He is a great man his kind is hard to come by and very rare. He is one of a kind and now he's all mines. Milton E. Brown Jr. I just want you to know that you complete me and i wouldn't trade you in for the world. Every moment with you is priceless. Money couldn't buy the richest person in the world the love we have. I just want you to know that i appreciate you and will love you all the days of my life.

Yours Truely, Your Queen, Your Future,

Veronica D. Smith