Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5 senses of love by Veronica Smith

Whats It Like To be In Love? Many Cant Answer That Why? Because The Simply Haven't Found It Or They Just Dont See It. I Have A Theory Called The 5 Senses Of Love. I Feel his Love With Every Touch. It Maybe When He Caresses Me Or When He Holds Me Or Simply When He Runs His Fingers Threw My Hair. I Taste His Love With Every Breath Taking Kiss Or As We Call It Our Award Grammy Winning Kiss. Its Just So Passionate And Never Ending Whenever We Stop We Just Start All Over Again. I Hear his Love Whenever He Whispers His Sweet Nothings In My Ear. He Knows Just The Right Things To Put My Soul At Ease And To make me Smile When I'm having The Worst Day. I See His Love, Evertime We Are Together He Treats me Just Like A Lady. He Opens Doors For me, Takes My Coat Off And Puts It Back On, He Looks me In The Eyes And He Pulls Out My Chair For MIf Thats Not Love Then I Dont Know What Is lol. As For Smell, I Always Can Smell his Love Like It's Dripping Out Of His Pores. I Can Smell It Be it From The Look On His Face When he Stares At me Or just From The Affecttion He Shows Me. I Am In Love, Madly Truly, And Deeply In Love. When Milton E. Brown Jr Came Into my life i was at my lowest point. I was fed-up and tired of being hurt. I ready to give up on love all together. But god willing this man came into my life and stole my hearts and for that i am glad. He backs me up with every choice i make he is there for me and thats exactly what i love aout him. He is my Knight in Shining(In His Words Fuzz lol). But everyday i thank god for him cause i have truly been blessed

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Wrote This Out Of Pure Passion It Just Came From Out Of Nowhere It Hit When I Least Expected It Baby Just Know I'll Always Love you♥ No Matter What!!!!!!!