Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I must confess Yes I am a fan

O.k. I must confess I am becoming a religious watcher of the new ABC show the Cashmere Mafia. Now these shows that depict high power bussiness woman as well dressed, high class whores who try to jugle a career and a relationship as well, have probably bit their concept from the orinator, Sex in the city. Now this show will never reach that height( I mean nothing is like the original), but i must say it's fun to watch them try. Every one of these shows have a break out, style star(example, sarah jessica parker). The fashionista in this show, is non other the glamorous Lucy Lu!!! That chick is too too sexy. Now, whoever styles her, knows what they are doing. I love her style. Well enough of that check it out on Wedsdays at 10:00 pm

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