Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yes Baby By: Veronica(Virgo Diva)

Yes Baby

Incense Burning
Fragrance Filled Room
Outside The Stars Watch
On The Inside We Touch
Anticiapting Sweat
In Bed We Wail
Lusting For Me
You Reach To Grab me
We Kiss, We Lick, And We Bite.
Getting Up You Wrap Me In Your Strong Embrace
Tounges Hungrily Explore Mouths
Clawing, Pulling, And Panting.
We Declare Our Love Lust And Passion With Probing Fingertips And Curious Tounges
Skin On Skin Sends us Trembling
My Inner Thighs Show The Runaway To Our Destination
Yes Baby
Yes baby
It's Your

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