Saturday, January 5, 2008


Ok my baby girl veronica and I decided to venture to tbe Milford mall after our meal. While there my ever so stylish beauty and I had a ball stuntin FuZz on these fags. I did a lil shopping and WE WERE ON UGG PATROL!!! Do you know veronica counted 62 pairs of Uggs on chicks? That junk was funny crackin jokes on them barbarian boot wearin chicks!!!! LOL! So from there we decided to go to the movies to see that BOOST MOBILE AD GONE WRONG, ONE MISSED CALL!!! Yo on the real I ain't never seen no mess like this in my life!!! Besides the wack story line and wild off the wall stupid special effects, it was the worst form of product placement I have ever seen!!!! Through the whole movie all you saw was boost mobile phones!!! All they needed was to have the chick in the movie yell out where you at!!!!! I'm mad that there were gullable people who were actually scared in the movie!!!! Yo they had to have written this script during the strike!!!! It must have applied to movie films too, cause this is wrong!!! Yo whoever wrote that script should be dragged in the middle of the street and beat like rodney king!!! And boost mobile should be ashamed for such shameless advertising!!!!! But all in all it was funny to watch the ignorance of script writters!! I would actually pay to see it again!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

lol You Really Wrote It I See Lol. Yes We Well I (lol) Was On Ugg Patrol That Is Ridiculous Seriously. But All In All We Had Fun last Night