Sunday, January 20, 2008


Word on the FuZz Ya'll, JADE is one sexy heffa!!! o.k. my bad for the heffa comment LOL!! But I was in love in love with her on America's next top model. I know tyra and the other judges hated it, but her look was so mean and intimidating!!!Her confidence was so much of a turn on!!! But what was the best about jade was that she was the only Top Model contestant that actually had style. Isn't that ironic? You would think most models, male or female are the most stylish people in the world. But the majority of them aren't!!! If you look at it, they're just at the hands of stylists and designers. It doesn't take much thought if someone else is dressing you. But with jade, she came to the show with her own look. I mean she made a statement with that FRO lookin like a light skinned Angela Davis!!!! Foxy Cleopatra better go some where!!!!! LOL! She just don'y understand!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Agree I Loved her Cokyness On Top Model And Her Style I Also Thought She Should have One But....It Didn't Happen