Sunday, December 30, 2007


On the last sunday of the year, I must say I have a lot to be thankful for. I mean the obvious, I must thank God for the gift of life. The chance to get up and walk. Most people haven't had such an honor. I'm also glad to have my parents and my grandmother in my life. Without them there is no me!!!! They made me the man I am!! What I'm also thankful for is God sending e a loving, caring, understanding companion in the form of my baby girl VERONICA. Yeah, I know mad kissy, kissy, goo, but yo, I gots to be real with ya'll!! 07 had it's up's and downs, but for the most part I loved it!!! I mean like any other year, it's had it's share of haters and those who meant me harm. But, looking back I have to count it all joy. I mean what more could I ask for? I finally got my chance to get in the studio, to lay my raps down. I've also had my face on television numerous times this year. Plus I have deals on the table in the fashion feild. Plus on top of that things are working great this year. I can attribute it all to hard work, prayer and being content. Something that in society is looked down upon. Society teaches us that we have to always be starving and hungry and always wanting more. If I have 6 million dollars I won't stop until I have 10. But, with that you'll never be happy. This is the first year I can sit back and say I am content with life!!! RIGHT NOW LIFE IS GREAT!!!! And yes, my left eye will get the twitching and satin will rear his ugly head. Hardship will come. However, when I think about what god has done for me I can give him the glory!!! I mean, just this year I lost my sister!!! Yes, my blood sister died this year!!! Back in 05 this is a person who I wasn't in good standings with. But, new Years eve 06 was the last day I talked to her. She passed away in May 07. I'm thankful I had my chance to make things right with her. Who knew it would have happened? I can't be mad at myself for the time that was spent treating her like Bill collector!!! I made that choice. But, it wouldn't make sense. I can't bring her back. What I can do, is like I said, be thankful for our last conversation. I've learned it's not wise to burn my bridges with my love ones. We are going to be angry with one another, but we have to love each other anyway. Someone else would be grieving heavy!!! But let's celebrate life today. Hardship is going to happen, but going into 08 let's look at the bright side. When you get a momment when things are going good, reflect back and thank god that he allowed it to happen!!!! Things could be a lot worst!!! Compared to 05 I'm happy to be alive!!!! I was scared for my own life back then!!!! But I Thank God I made it out of that time to witness the turn of 08!!!! Let's just look at the brighter side to life. Further more Let God direct our paths.


Yo now everybody hear me on this!!!!! I feel in some way and shape everybody has swagger jacked style at one point. The old statemen goes: No idea is original, there is nothing new under the sun, it doesn't matter what you do, or how it's done. I just get mad when people suck the life out of style and use it without paying homage to those who started it first. Now, I could be wrong, and if so, correct me, but didn't tye tribbet swagger jack Fonzworth Bentley like crazy!!!?? Give or take he's a Gospel artist and that kind of makes me not want to get on him, but I mean come on!!!! Who was rocking the dandy gentleman look first? Who made you want to rock a bow-tie?!! MR. BENTLEY!!! A STYLE KAMAKAZI IN HIS OWN RIGHT!!!! I looked up one sunday morning while gettiing ready for church, and I Tye tribbet on Bobby Jones Gospel With the Blazer, a nice colorful dress shirt and what to cap off the look? A BOW-TIE!!!! Now like I said,everybody swagger jacks!!! But to me, it's the most blatten!!!! But, who am I to question, I've trend humped, set trends, made trends better!!! So I can'tt say nothing, Well yes I can!!! LOL!!! O.K. It's the hater in me!!!! LOL!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


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Yo I can not stand soulja boy!!!! The dance is so stupid!!!! Besides the music what i really can't stand is his style!!! Now I know this is coming from a dude who is flashy and gaudy in his own right, however, he takes every brand that I would like and turns it into trash!!! Bathing Ape hoody's on him look like what they used to sell in that wild leather store in the milford mall. Then let's not talk about the Evisu!!! What portion of respect that I had for the brand has gone out the window because he had the jeans on!! Yeah I'm a hater and i'm mad cause he got some bathing fapes!!!! LOL!!! But to be honest he looks like what a 16 year old from ATL would look like. He still rock oversized white t's!!! Now that's just wrong!!!!

God forgive me!!!

Yo straight up, i'm freakin in love with the mary mary chicks. To me they are so sexy. Yeah I know i'm wrong for looking at them like that! LOL!! but they trully exemplify beauty!! They make want to take the shakles off my feet like yesterday!! O.k. mad sex humor. it hapens!! Wild part is I like them both.It's hard to chose!! What a tanled web we weave!! LOL! yo not for nothin but do you see those legs!!!??? Yeah, I better head to church befor I get into more trouble!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Word association part 2

80's trend: like Jay-z said it, you did it, I had it, got mad at it, I don't want it no more!! Back in 04-05 I was strong on my 80 baby tip. I was wearing Cazel shades and old versace's. I even ventured into throw back 80's kicks and killed em with suits( kangaroos, adidas, reboks, ect). However, there has been a huge serge in people who had been really revamping the whole 80's theme. Like the retro kids, the fashion crew thar took 07 by storm. All of them look like they stepped out a big daddy kane video. Dookie Rope chains, gucci links have also come back. yes in which I had also indulged in. But like every other trend, it gets old.Unless your the retro kids, true trendsetters are over the 80's phase. there on to something else. I can't even tell you the last time I wore 80's anything. it's wild how people are turning the most creative style era into something redundant.

Jim Jones: GANGSTA FOR NO REASON!!! Either he's hatin on Jay-z or he's tryin to originate the whole rock star look, he does it with air of harlem hoodness. Which to me at times makes him look stupid. Like comin at jay. What would it profit him? Jay has more money, has set more trends, and will lyrically destroy Jim Jones. Capo jones is only known for two things, bringin gang affiliation back in style and makin it cool to look like a rock star. it's funny. he said jay is dressin like the whiteman. What is the whole rock star look based off of?

Fred Perry: Hot new british street wear designer. Makes great sweaters. Shirts are o.k. But the item from his line I can't live without are his bags. Everybody's on louis vuitton and gucci's balls when it comes to the accessory bags. But, I'm in love with the Fred Perry Duffle bags!!! Ya'll remeber where you heard it first. Remeber who was stontin with the Fred Perry duffle bags first. And unlike the rest of the line, the bags are never subtle. Fred Perry is plasterd on both ends of the bag. Yes i'm a brand name hog. True duffle bag boy, Fred Perry all day!!!

Pimp C: In ya face rapper from huston who will be missed.One of the Flyest rappers on the huston scene. R.I.P Pimp c

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Word Association

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the portion where I decide to randomly shot out words in music, fashion and whatever else I feel and expound on each one.

Stacy Adams: Most long standing and Innovative men's dress shoe company in the U.S.
Also has the best men's dress wear out. Every player, petty boy, or
church goer has to own something from Stacy BABY!!!!

Rick Ross (the rapper): The most Flyest over weight rapper since biggie!!! Hands
Down. Thee man stays fuzzed up in coture labels and mashes
it up with his florida hood statis. Have ya'll seen his new
video with R.Kelly!!!?? Mad fuzzed out baller statis!!!

Pointed toe dress shoes: Most hated shoes in the fashion world, do to the stigma
Surrounding them. They are worn by playboys and Armani
Exchange, spiked haired italin dudes who are out to bag ya
chick. Even though there is a hatred for the shoe, you
can't denie the detail put into the shoes. Besides the
BEST DRESSED man alive MILT-FRESH wears them heavily!!

Chris Brown: Excellent dancer, his singing is cool, but at times I hate his style!!!!
He tries to hard to prove he's on the cutting edge of street fashion.

American Gangster(the movie): A very entertaining movie that is very distorted from
the actual life of frank lucus. I can't understand why
Nicky Barnes was made up to be some sick nasty fuzzed
out player pimp flashy dresser. I mean when you see
pics of him, he's normally in a muted suit and
oversized shades.

Conservative dressers vs flashy dressers: The definitve battle that has been waging
wars since my grandfather was kid. Men who
are conservative dressers are gentlemen
fancy wearing suits that are muted in
colors such as blacks, greys, browns,
and navy blues.They are more geared for the
corperate office. More on the lines of a
Donald trump, Tom ford, or Jay-z(when
dressed up). Flashy dressers, are guys
who dress in bright colored suits, flashy
shoes, ect. On the lines of a pimp or a
a down south preacher. Like a Bishop Don
Juan, Kat Williams, Snoop dog, and yours truley, MILT-FRESH. The wild
part about it is conservative dressers
feel they are superior because of their
muted style. However, the majority of them
are loud jerks who are afraid to wear
bright colors because it would draw too
much attention to themselves. But they
fail to understand the ideology behind
the whole look. It takes balls to wear
a whole lime green suit, with matchin
accessories. It's so striking to look
at. Your looking at a work of art on
canvis. But, in there own was conservative
dressers are flashy in their own way.
Since their clothes are lowkey they
put emphasis in things like their car,
their watches, homes, ect, ect.

Birdman a.k.a Baby from cash money: His rhymes maybe wack cause he's not really
Rapping. He's more so spittin game. But, what
I like is birdman's wild FuZz bigtimer lifestyle.
but do you notice how his style has become more
cool than normal. More leathers, Gucci belts. Yo
ya'll peep the Red Gucci jacket he had 100
million video? It was sick, standin behind the
a million red cars. Yeah he's heavily
advertising his blood gang affiliation. But it's
faze. Jim Jones wen through it. Now it's baby's


Coogi: The perfect come back.

Tom Ford: The god of coture fashion!!!! A legend in the fashion world. I could
never see him as a film maker. He needed his own line!!!!

Ed Hardy: O.K. I dig Ed Hardy. The clothes are most definetly sick. I was sittin
there sayin one day, the clothes remind me of von dutch. But come to find
out, the creator Don Ed Hardy, was the head designer for Von Dutch. The
thing that makes me angry about it is how hood dudes be rockin that junk
out here. I've seen officaial Ed hardy and it don't look nothin like what
i'm seein in the streets of New Haven. By next year Ed Hardy will over
saturated like Von Dtch was. I coulld be wrong. But that'show I feel.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Milt-fresh getting his 5 seconds of air time on youtube!!!

yo, Milt-fresh spittiin for five seconds on youtube, joint cut me off befor in mid spit!!! lol!! it's cool though!!! check it out!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007


yeah ya'll thanksgiving day was so freakin fun!!!! First of all the Hillhouse vs cross football game was freakin crazy!!!! Mass pandimonium!!!! What made it even more special was I had my baby girl VERONICA by my side. Oh and yes I retain my crown for the most flyest dude in the game!!! Oh me and my baby girl win the award for sexiest couple at the event. Besides stuntin so fuzz, I got the chance to catch up will old friends, and me an my partner in FuZz PEEPS came through to stunt on em at the joint. Well it was a beautiful day, in more ways than one!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

05 on the brain!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this peice of nastalgia marks a signifigant time in my life. I am not at liberty to talk about it because of the people involved. But, lets just say this, this is the transition period of where I went from a boy to a man. It also marks the seperating of my past and present. Yeah a lot of mumbo jumbo in coded words. Just trust me. Besides all of that I was gettin my FuZz on!!!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

old school 06 for ya mind!!!

yo I had these pics since 06 of last year!!! This was after the jauary hill house vs cross basketball game!!! People still talk about that game til this day!!!! But trust in 08, I got more tricks in store!!! Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yo Word on the FuZz this is a result of going to the milford mall at random. I'm chillin with my boys dan and chris when out of no where this light skinned chick, comes over and asks me to model for her. Turns out it was her first day working at this joint called kiddie kandid portait studio. Well one thing I love the most is to take pictures. And besides, since she picked me to model for her, the pictures were free. And you know black people love free stuff!!!! LOL!!! But it was cool. Home girl busted out of no where, "Um since you all dressed up, can you be one of my models, please!!!" Well I just did it cause I wanteed pics of me!! Well any way, shout out to Kiddie Kandids in the Milford Mall.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Yo word on the FuZz, I know my baby girl Veronica is going to kill me!!!(Sorry baby girl), But Raven is one of the most sexiest chicks out right now. I had been feelin her since the cosby show days. I even love this chicks style. Say what you want about her outfits, but she proves to be a style kamakazi in her own right!!!! Yo straight up, real fUzZ I be watchin, that's so Raven just to see her!! Yeah that's right!!! A grown man watches the disney channel!!!! Anyway Raven needs to drop them corny chicken dinners and run with winner!!!! I know mad sex playa lines!!! LOL!! oh, once again sorry to my baby Veronica, but Raven is Wifey!!!!! LOL!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Alright me being a style innovator and trendsetter, my job is to ut ya'll up on the most sickest fUzZ out here. In my constant search to find more exotic dress shoes. I came across a new shoe brand called the TAJ COLLECTION. I rank these guys right next to ZOTA!!! And ya'll know how i feel about the zota's.Watch me FuZzn some TAJ's next week. These joints are bound to keep these haters talkin!!1

Thursday, November 1, 2007

FOR THE LOVE OF THE FuZz: DON C(Kanye's road manager)

Alright for those who are only familiar with Kanye west and the members of the G.O.O.D Music who are at the for front, I have to tell there is more. Meet the person who I refer to as Kanye's twin. His road manager, Don C. The reason why I call him that is because the majority of the time he wears some of the same items as kanye. However, at times he wears them better. YES, SOMEBODY DOES DRESS BETTER THAN KANYE!!!! It's the way he wears his clothes. Like take the Grammy's two years ago where kanye wore the lavender suit to perform in with the white gloves. Don C ends up wear the same suit just in pink. What I loved about it was he didn't wear all pink. He did up a white silk tie, a black dress shirt, white LV millionaire shades. He was killin it. I mean I love that fit. I mean who would have known to use the white to break up the color scheme. that was just so fUzZ. Well I could go on and on about don, but ya got the picks right there.

Friday, October 19, 2007

For the love of the FuZz!!!! Marc from ugly betty!!!

O.K. on the second installment of FOR THE LOVE OF THE FUZZ, our next candidant is My man Marc from Ugly Betty. I know everybody is saying, MILT-FRESH, WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU? WHY YOU GOT THIS FAG UP HERE!!! Well plain and simple, aside from what the character pertays, you can not denie Marcs FuZz Game on the show. I can't hate on homeboy,his sexual preference ain't got nothin to do with me!!! But people The colors, the patterns everything is sick on dude!!! I haven't seen a well dressed or well FuZzEd individual since Homey who played Kevin Hill!!! The thing that makes me mad, is he doesn't get that much burn on the show. For what his wardrobe represents, he's more of a minor character!!!! The most flyest, fUzZieSt dude on the show might be in two or three scenes. Go figure!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


O.K. I've had this subject on my mind, for quite some time. Now I have the chance to elaborate on it. It's this whole Rockstar look, that every one is sporting now of days. I'm kind on the fence with it. For one, it makes everybody in the hood have to step their Style game up. I mean, you really just can't wear any old jeans, and any old hoody and any old kicks , put a chain on the belt, and call it rockstar!!! You have to really dig deep into, the look as a whole, and add in what you want to represent. Recently I've seen dudes in New Haven, sporting Mohawks and more tighter fit jeans with even more serious kicks. But, the catch 22 is these dudes were hollering gangster the year befor!!! My thing is these guys know nothing about the rockstar life!!!!! I mean, a real hood dude has never listened to the greatful dead, metallica, the Misfit, smashing pumpkins, and ect. But, your representing a lifestyle you know nothing about. Yes, there is a lifestyle behind the look you guys are sporting. I mean, ok lets even take the hood rout!!! Guys like jim jones, juelz and Lil wayne adorn the rockstar look,because they live the life of fast cars, fast money, and women. Really that's the life of a musician. The other flipside to the hood aspect of a rockstar, is that a drug dealer is selling crack rock, would say that they are a ROCK STAR, in the sense that they are pushing ROCKS!!!! Didn't know that huh!!!! Like I said, there is much more to the look than just fitted t-shirts and tatterd jeans. Like I said, I'm on the fence with it. A lot of guys are taking time, putting the look together. But, they miss the whole concept of what the whole look means. I guess to each their own.


Right now ya'll the The $FrEsH-KiNg$ is going crazy without my computer at the crib!!!! But, i'm still able to get at my public when I can. Trust when I gey my baby back, i'm going to have brand new pics up, plus more excitement for ya'll!!! Between now and the end of 07, a lot of junk will be going down. To tell you the truth, I csn't wait for thanksgiving. Yes ya fUzZ will be eating every mofo under the table, however, there is also the Elm City classic, A.K.A the Hillhouse VS Cross high school football game, on the same day. Yo, for close to 45 years that game has been a see and be seen event in New Haven. More so a fashion show, in it's own right. It's been like that since my mother and my uncle were going to hillhouse high school. Well ya FuZz has been shuttin em out on the fUzZ tip (at that game) for 6 years!!! im going on 7 this time around!!! So expect pics up, from that. What else is going on??? Oh yeah, SHOUT OUT TO MY BABY GIRL VERONICA!!!! WE MADE THE 10 MOUNTH MARK!!!!Yeah ya'll it's been 10 joints since MILT-FRSH A.K.A YOUNG MZA, has been out of the game. Like I said, we've got infinaty to go!!! People say, that's along to plan to be together. True, but when you have someone who is intune with ya spirit, it makes it 10 times better. See every relationship needs God huvering over it. Real FuZz both partners need to have god in the picture. He's the only thing that holds the fiber together.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I'm just bein crazy!!!!!! Doin what I want to do, been coppin more fUzZ!!!! OH, let me put ya'll up on somethin!!!!! For about 7 moths I been coppin a certain type of shoe!!!! The brand is called ZOTA!!! They specialize in the new pointed toe shoe trend hitting the fashion world. But what makes these shoes so cick, is that there made out of 100% Genuine PONY SKIN!!! YES, I said, PONY SKIN!!!! I just bought a pair of all blacks to add to the collection. I'm endorsing these babies hard, because they are cutting edge. You don't see everybody with them. Plus everybody can't rock pointed toe shoes. The trick with zota's or any pointed toe shoe, is to get a size up. My true size is a 10 1/2. So for comfort I rock with the 11. They might look big, but that's where the tailoring comes into play. Your pants leg should fit perfectly, over your shoes. Even, if they don't so what!!! With the detail, they we're made to be seen. Don't get me wrong, I still rock with stacy, giorgio, impulse, and wayne. But Zota is a cutting edge shoe company!!! Now watch everybody go out and buy some cause I said so!!!! Dudes already be jockin in the store!!!! Niggaz be lookin at what i'm coppin, then front like they don't want it!!!! But, I hear ya'll niggaz!!! "yo, i want them shoes like he got!!!" Sorry niggaz!!!!! Dudes try to hard!!! I buy what I like, ya'll buy what ya'll see!!!!