Tuesday, October 16, 2007


O.K. I've had this subject on my mind, for quite some time. Now I have the chance to elaborate on it. It's this whole Rockstar look, that every one is sporting now of days. I'm kind on the fence with it. For one, it makes everybody in the hood have to step their Style game up. I mean, you really just can't wear any old jeans, and any old hoody and any old kicks , put a chain on the belt, and call it rockstar!!! You have to really dig deep into, the look as a whole, and add in what you want to represent. Recently I've seen dudes in New Haven, sporting Mohawks and more tighter fit jeans with even more serious kicks. But, the catch 22 is these dudes were hollering gangster the year befor!!! My thing is these guys know nothing about the rockstar life!!!!! I mean, a real hood dude has never listened to the greatful dead, metallica, the Misfit, smashing pumpkins, and ect. But, your representing a lifestyle you know nothing about. Yes, there is a lifestyle behind the look you guys are sporting. I mean, ok lets even take the hood rout!!! Guys like jim jones, juelz and Lil wayne adorn the rockstar look,because they live the life of fast cars, fast money, and women. Really that's the life of a musician. The other flipside to the hood aspect of a rockstar, is that a drug dealer is selling crack rock, would say that they are a ROCK STAR, in the sense that they are pushing ROCKS!!!! Didn't know that huh!!!! Like I said, there is much more to the look than just fitted t-shirts and tatterd jeans. Like I said, I'm on the fence with it. A lot of guys are taking time, putting the look together. But, they miss the whole concept of what the whole look means. I guess to each their own.

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