Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Right now ya'll the The $FrEsH-KiNg$ is going crazy without my computer at the crib!!!! But, i'm still able to get at my public when I can. Trust when I gey my baby back, i'm going to have brand new pics up, plus more excitement for ya'll!!! Between now and the end of 07, a lot of junk will be going down. To tell you the truth, I csn't wait for thanksgiving. Yes ya fUzZ will be eating every mofo under the table, however, there is also the Elm City classic, A.K.A the Hillhouse VS Cross high school football game, on the same day. Yo, for close to 45 years that game has been a see and be seen event in New Haven. More so a fashion show, in it's own right. It's been like that since my mother and my uncle were going to hillhouse high school. Well ya FuZz has been shuttin em out on the fUzZ tip (at that game) for 6 years!!! im going on 7 this time around!!! So expect pics up, from that. What else is going on??? Oh yeah, SHOUT OUT TO MY BABY GIRL VERONICA!!!! WE MADE THE 10 MOUNTH MARK!!!!Yeah ya'll it's been 10 joints since MILT-FRSH A.K.A YOUNG MZA, has been out of the game. Like I said, we've got infinaty to go!!! People say, that's along to plan to be together. True, but when you have someone who is intune with ya spirit, it makes it 10 times better. See every relationship needs God huvering over it. Real FuZz both partners need to have god in the picture. He's the only thing that holds the fiber together.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

♥♥Awwww Baby Yes We Do Have Infinity And I'm Looking Forward To The Times Ahead And Baby U Are Right About Needeing God In The Picture I Love U Baby I Love You More And More With Each Passing Day♥♥