Tuesday, October 9, 2007


O.K. guys each week I will make it my biz to high light an individual that represents what being fuzzy is all about. This week it's Mtv style guru, Curtis Coltrane. He is what I like to call a style kamikazi. I say that because, he looks at style with his gut feeling,I would also go as far to say, it's almost religous. With his look, he blends a lot of different concepts together to make a huge statement.I remember the first time I noticed him. Back in 2003, he was in a complex magizine photo shoot. he hadf on a black blazer, white dress shirt, black leather pants, shades, and a i'll trucker hat(Hey, it was 03!!!). Back then I did't know who he was. All I knew was he was sick fuzz in that fit. Then in 2004, around the time of the mtv movie awards, He popped up again as the Mtv Style vj for their events. It was wild because his style captivated my eye. He had on this flower design blazer from Ryan and Kenny. I knew it was theres because usher had the same exact blazer on, for his performance at the VMA's. But, the way Coltrane fuzzed that blazer was unlike no other. He didn't play it safe. He wore pink pants(if im not mistaken, to bring out the pink in the jacket. That was so RAW!! Everybody normally plays it safe for everything. But this guy came out bold, brash and most of all confident. The other part is he wasn't afraid to indulge in an over abundance of color. Something that the average straight man is normally scared to do(NOT ME!!!!!!. Besides he style efforts, this dude has an outstanding track record. A morhouse graduate, he has served as the guiding force behind the multi million dollar Hip-hop clothing brand, Ecko Unlt. He served as President of Ecko and he was also in charge of Marketing. He has also worked with many of your favorite music stars for image consulting. Hint, Hint, does flava flav come back ring a bell? Oh, and back to the marketing and clothing, he along with 50 cent, established G-Unit clothing (didn't know that huh!!!) in conjunction with Ecko Unlt.So it's safe to say, my dude trane is gettin that money silently!!!!! In 2006 he was named one the 50 most beautiful people, buy some magizine, I forgot which one. But, over all Coltrane is aa lover of all styles. You can view he stylistic comentary on Mtv.com/style overdrive section.

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