Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kanye West VS The True Polo Kings!!!!

On my chill session from blogging, I had been doin my one two!!! Everybody knows about MY FAVORITE FASHION FOWARD RAPPER, KANYE WEST BEATING OUT 50 IN ALBUM SALES!!! However,50 and beani segal are not the only ones who are coming at the rapper's kneck, as of late. In last months Complex Mag in which is dedicated to west's project, he gives colorful comentary on different things that interest him. In one statement, he say's "True Polo Heads hate me, but everybody knows I love me". That struck a cord in me. I mean I knew there were dudes, who to this day collect a lot of Ralph Lauren Polo and Polo sport, from back in the day. But, who would really hate on YE that stronge about wearing Polo?
So I searched around the internet. And youtube I found it. It was a group of dudes from Brooklyn called the LO Lives, who were known in the 80's for making shop lifting from department stores an art form. What made this crew so monumental, was that they were fly in everything they did. To express their flyness, they wore an abundance boosted Ralph Lauren gear. At the time in the 80's Ralph Lauren wasn't worn in the inner city. They had to travel to malls and stores outside the store to do damage. The other thing is they were wearing

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