Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fresher than thou!!!!!

Did some more Black Friday shopping, copped the Brown sued Syllabbles vest and the The Three Earth tones Zota's pointed toe shoes. Wild thing is you would have thought I bought the vest to go down with the shoes. Actually, I waas in the process of buying the shoes and I looked over and said that vest is too ILL!!!!!Then when I looked real good at It I said it could work with the shoes. Over the years Syllabbles has been a very serious force in formal wear. They create a lot of sick peaces that are very bold!!! You may not can see it but on the vest it has a design of different land marks in New York city. One being the statue of Liberty. The shoes... The Zota's speak for themselves! Nobody can beat it!!! yes it's a problem.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The GiOrGiO BrUtInI MoBsTeR is back!!!!

Saw this off white or winter Giorgi Brutini cashmere Trench Coat and ya boy Milt-Fresh had to have it! Ya'll can't see it but it has the meanest black velvet collar! Trust the GiOrGiO BrUtInI MOBSTER IS BACK!!!! The world ain't ready!!!!


Yo shout out the NEW HAVEN INDEPENDANT news publication forthe flicks!!!!! Even with my eyes closed i'm stuntin!!! But they are great pics.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving day 08 Stuntin at the Hillhouse vs Cross game!!!! Part 1

What's FuZzN world, happy Turkey Day to the masses!! Today we took our annual trip to the Hillhouse Vs Cross football game breakfast for fun and festivities. However this year many attendies(including yours trully) were peaved that the Football game and breakfast was moved to our rival Wilbur Cross highschool. I mean come on now, how are you going to up and move something that's been going on for years!!! Yeah that's right i'm pissed!!! I'm a third generation Hillhouse High school graduate!!! So you know we weren't havin it!!!! LOL!!! All in all, it we had a great time at the breakfast!! Every year we suckaz line up for the nasty grits and bacon which I never eat!!! Really my fam and I just go to have fun!!! while up in their, we cracked jokes about everything, even got interviewed by a gentlemen from a local newspaper called the New Haven Independant. Be on the look out for that. But on the real we had a good time. but ya'll got a wait!!! part two is comin!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

world domination!!!!!

People know me in New Haven, playa i ain't knew, lookin at me all funny while i'm countin my money, surprise, what I do is already legalised!!!!! No illegal activity!!! It's all legal!! I can't afford to be locked up with a dude named peaches!!!To the young generation,nobody is telling you not to afford nice things, or possessions. That's part of the American dream. However,we must look at what we are doing in order to obtain them. I hate when people talk that materialistic/anti-bling bling crap!!!!The same people who are trying to tell black kids to stop bling blingin, are the ones emptying out their bank accounts to lease a new Range Rover or a Escalade!!! Ain't that somethin!!?? But anyway I school the youth that you don't have to rob, Steal or kill to obtain glory!!! All it takes is working hard, be yourself and most of all don't let the money make you, make the money. I'll be the first to tell you money isn't everything. I learned that last year!! Pocket full of money, but my soul was so burnt out!!!! I know, i'm sayin money ain't everything, with this cash on my lap, but trust me, hard work always pays off.

Express ya mind!!!

Once again one of my favorite sttores has done it again!!! Express is really killin the sweater game, The Lion Logo is something awsome. I was buggin, should have copped both when I had a chance!!!! Express always knows how to mix flashy and classy into a balanced mixture!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

feel me!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll? Milt-Fresh here to talk to ya'll for a while. Things lookin good right now. Milt-Fresh is about to be makin moves!! Can't disclose everything to ya'll right now, just knoe everybody at the MILT-FRESH EXPERIENCE, will be the first to know. Just know it's going to be nothing but that serious FuZz!!!!! Still got the equal balance of haters, lovers, and loop warmers(don't know what side of the fence they want to be on). Man just found out Jimmies (hip hop clothing store in new haven county)is selling Supra's(for those who aren't up on them, they are eccentric skateboard kicks made famouse by the GFC and Mickey Factz)!!! Thought I was going to shake my head to death when I saw that on their latest commercial!!!! I know stores are only trying to keep up with trends, but you got to know what type of store Jimmies has been to the greater New Haven area. Started out with Wu-wear, Phat Farm, and Ecko(back when they spelled it correct). Now all the sudden dudes are rockstars now and they start sellin vans and supra's knowin years ago they were laughin at dudes who were wearin em!!! Sittin up here rockin Dead Party (you figure it out!!!)!!! Dudes suck the life out of the scene!! Any way, ain't my battle I don't even wear kicks. Speaking of foot wear, yes I've been coppin mad heat(no I don't carry a pistol even though my shoe game is equal to a leathal weapon), also been giving some old heat away. Any way, ya'll stay tunes, its gonna be on!!! FuZz!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Double Dragons!!! Antonios are too raw FuZz!!!

Went to my boys at the FASHION BOX, who just opened up on Dixwell Ave in Hamden and I came out with White Antonio Zengara joints!!!! Yes just last week I coopped the black ones!! And trust they got work!!!! From New Haven, CT to Greenville, NC the joints put in work!!!!! So it was my right as a citizen to go cop the white ones!!!!! Some individuals may be a lil peaved that all I do on this blog is show off what i'm wearing, what I do, what I bought, talk junk or whatever. And yes this is true!!!! I'm not going to cover it up!!! This is a forum for me to talk my ish and show ya'll what that FuZz be about!!!!! Take it any way you want to take it!!!! But back to the shoes!!! You see Billy and Jimmy lee!!!! We don't do much around here!!!! Remember if you live in New Haven County please stop in and check out the FASHION BOX on Dixwell Ave in Hamden, CT. They have everything for the man of the moment!!!! Til next time, take care of yourselves!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is it Suitable?

For men the number one complaint is Men don't have the options that women have when it comes to dressing up. Men have the biggest issues when it comes to wearing a suit! Why is that? Because the majority of men look as the suit as a formal pair of handcuffs. Something you have to be locked down in. Many feel their identity will be lost in the fabric. Well these images show men who are very well suited and have not comprimised their anything for style. The key to wearing a suit is to be comfortable. There are 50 million ways to wear them and 50 million styles of suits. Then on top of that theres the atmosphere in which you plan to wear said outfit. Now a lot of men have an issue with being over dressed for events. However this is where your creativity and confince takes over. With a pinstriped three peice suit, you can wear your with a tie and cap toes to the office, then for after hours go tieless with the collar open, while sporting driving shoes and a driving cap. Which leads me to my favorite battle in the war of menswear: Conservative vs Flashy!!! To me its always hilarious to see how they view eachother. Conservative dressed men(Men who wear subtle colors, browns, blacks navy blue, subtle plaids and pinstripe. Men who beleave in the less is more philosophy Example Donald Trump)feel that flashy dressed men are more clown like. Then Flashy dressed gentlemen(Men who wear loud or bright colors and bold patterns Example Andre 3000, Myself, or any pimp) feel conservative dressers are very drab and boring when it comes to dressing. What makes it funny is both feel that the other is rediculous. But think about it. Most consrvative men are flashy in one way or another.It reminds me of the debates my uncle(who is super conservative) and I have everytime we see eachother. He'll tell me he could never wear a yellow suit, because they'll say,"there goes that loud man in that loud suit". Then I tell him, if you shut ya mouth you wouldn't have to worry about that. And look at the philosphy. What the conservative man lack in color picks up in attitude. If not that then look at there accessories or other possesions(cars, gadgets, ect). Flashy gentlemen have a type of confidence that makes them feel they have the right to wear bright and bold items. The best example of such a war has to be out of the movie American Gangster. Everbody knows frank was a fade into the background kind of guy. but his attitude was more flamboyant. Throughout the whole movie, it proved my theory. Like when he's at his club and brings his brother in the side room and inquires about his wardrobe. "what is that your wearing? His bro says, a very very very nice suit!!! Then Frank blurts"your wearing a clown suit, it screams arrest me, you tryna be like Nicky barns? Then after dialogue is over Lucus says i'll take you shopping!!! LOL! Then look at the fur Coat incident. The time he decides to go flashy he brings unwanted attention to himself from the feds. That movie had an ill sartorial message behind it. And it all goes back to your attitude, your confidence and what your trying to convey when your dressed. I'm stoping here. I can go all day!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm gonna be real, you would think when one family member passes away you have time to heal. However, when God is ready to call his chosen home, he doesn't need our permission. However it makes me feel I need to enjoy my love ones while I can. So when their times comes I don't have to sit with my head in my hands wondering why. Letting my guilt sending me into tears of regret. Mainly just do for them while I can. Any wat R.I.P Aunt Jean. Mayy the work you've done speak for you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fred Perry Makes you hold ya horses!!!!

Was on and came across the Brown Fred Perry Hold all. I said it once i'll say it again Fred Perry makes the best quality bags for men. I cosign them 100 percent!! And this bag definetly doesn't let me down!!! Most definetly a very classy find!!!


Yo the future first lady took her first steps on Whithose property in style!!! She shut things down in this bright red Maria Pinto dress.She represents what a classy woman should look like!! Project heffas and Hood Rats, please take notes!!!!!