Tuesday, November 25, 2008

feel me!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll? Milt-Fresh here to talk to ya'll for a while. Things lookin good right now. Milt-Fresh is about to be makin moves!! Can't disclose everything to ya'll right now, just knoe everybody at the MILT-FRESH EXPERIENCE, will be the first to know. Just know it's going to be nothing but that serious FuZz!!!!! Still got the equal balance of haters, lovers, and loop warmers(don't know what side of the fence they want to be on). Man just found out Jimmies (hip hop clothing store in new haven county)is selling Supra's(for those who aren't up on them, they are eccentric skateboard kicks made famouse by the GFC and Mickey Factz)!!! Thought I was going to shake my head to death when I saw that on their latest commercial!!!! I know stores are only trying to keep up with trends, but you got to know what type of store Jimmies has been to the greater New Haven area. Started out with Wu-wear, Phat Farm, and Ecko(back when they spelled it correct). Now all the sudden dudes are rockstars now and they start sellin vans and supra's knowin years ago they were laughin at dudes who were wearin em!!! Sittin up here rockin Dead Party (you figure it out!!!)!!! Dudes suck the life out of the scene!! Any way, ain't my battle I don't even wear kicks. Speaking of foot wear, yes I've been coppin mad heat(no I don't carry a pistol even though my shoe game is equal to a leathal weapon), also been giving some old heat away. Any way, ya'll stay tunes, its gonna be on!!! FuZz!!

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