Monday, November 17, 2008

The Fabolous Mob boss!!!????

These are pics of Fab at his 30th Birthday Party. I guess Fabo(not homeboy from d4L) felt 30's the new 20 so he had to show up in style. As everybody knows Fab is one of the kings of hood fly. Let me stop beating around the bush, yes this is a great suit from the waist up. Waist down I have problems with. Now yours trully is a gentleman who is a proud wearer of wideleg dress pants. I can't wear skinny pants, not only my knots don't fit, their just uncomfortable!!!! Any way theres a difference between wideleg and baggy. The key to acheiving the look is in the tailoring. The pants are gatherd too much at the bottom of the pants leg. He should have gotten a tailor to make the hem a little higher. However, there is an explanation behind this. Most(not all) hood dudes don't take wearing a suit seriously. Basicly because they're not used to dressing up as a norm like you would see Diddy or Jay. Yes Fab wants to look his best, but it's only for one night affair. When will you see Fab dress up in a suit again? Can't even tell me!! So fine elements such as tailoring may not be on his agenda. These pants look like Evisu jeans with creases!!! I will say this, if your gonna do wideleg dress pants, take notes from Steve Harvey!! The execution of tailoring on his pants are remarkable. OH MY GOSH!!! What really wants me to start hurling bricks at the Street Fam leader are these shoes. Sad thing is they're probably expensive. He could have kept it classic and worn some Black and white paten leather O.G. Stacy Adams wingtips!!! The Wingtips he has on in the pic are so trash!!!! From the bottom down Fab could really do better!! He's too fly for this!! Waist up is an A+ look.

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Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

one thing i appreciate about your blog is you're teaching these youngin's the do's and don'ts. Fab messes up this look with the terrible fitting pants!!! damn!! if you're gonna do it, do it right...spend a few extra pennies and take it to a tailor. now everyone can't afford bespoke (look it up if you don't know what it means) but when you get paper like Fab, you can't be gettin' suits off the rack!!!... as for the shoes... i got a pair of those spectators...don't knock them joints!!!summary... the one mistake makes this a clown outfit.