Sunday, November 9, 2008


After two days worth of down pooring rain, the sun was shining bright giving chase to the glory of Fall. Dead up Fall(next to winter) has to be my favorite time of year. I love to watch the sun illuminate its rays upon the the colorful Autunm leaves. On my way to church today,I couldn't help but take notice of the scenery. While doing so I felt a calm in my spirit. As I enterd the church I carried that same calming expression. And thoughout the day I felt at peace. I talked to my pookie girl, and she felt the same way. Yo call me a soft or whatever, but we need peace right now!!!! Well I don't know about ya'll but I need peace!!! I mean even though this ain't really our appointed home, but lets be real!!! This world is a beautiful place!!! It's just the people in it that make it hard to dwell in. Yo what i'm about to say is sooo far out of left feild and ya'll gonna be wonderin what's wrong with Milt-Fresh. But do you understand that Fashion is a total complete accident!!! Think about it, if adam and Eve would have never sinned, there would be no need for a stitch of any garment!!!! Fashion is really an accident!!! and know i'm not telling you to get fly and become a nudist!!!! I'm telling you to find peace and enjoy the lil things!!!! I liked when Nas said it on the lost tapes "I recognize the world is a beautiful place, but N!$$@& opinions are ruinin my musical taste". It really means man is the one who taints the land!!!! I mean even Pusha T from the Clipse weighs in on it, "But yet I still thank the good lord for health and the peace that you get when you right with yourself". So what i'm sayin is, peace is needed. Just take time to search for it.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow Babe That Was Beautiful. I Liked Everything About This. It Was A Great Read And An Eye Opener Because Man People Fail To Realize Whats Really Going On These Days. Great Job Bookie