Friday, November 21, 2008

Double Dragons!!! Antonios are too raw FuZz!!!

Went to my boys at the FASHION BOX, who just opened up on Dixwell Ave in Hamden and I came out with White Antonio Zengara joints!!!! Yes just last week I coopped the black ones!! And trust they got work!!!! From New Haven, CT to Greenville, NC the joints put in work!!!!! So it was my right as a citizen to go cop the white ones!!!!! Some individuals may be a lil peaved that all I do on this blog is show off what i'm wearing, what I do, what I bought, talk junk or whatever. And yes this is true!!!! I'm not going to cover it up!!! This is a forum for me to talk my ish and show ya'll what that FuZz be about!!!!! Take it any way you want to take it!!!! But back to the shoes!!! You see Billy and Jimmy lee!!!! We don't do much around here!!!! Remember if you live in New Haven County please stop in and check out the FASHION BOX on Dixwell Ave in Hamden, CT. They have everything for the man of the moment!!!! Til next time, take care of yourselves!!!


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh bookie They Really Aint Gonna like You Now.Lol I'm loving these shoes. i see you did a lil damage when you got these. Keep up The good work and keep these lames talking and guessing

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

hey bro,
wanted to reach out to you on 2 things..actually 3.

1. the last post i had up, the guy had on some crazy silver shoes. someone told me they may be okiruka ss08 but i can't find anything on that name online. i figured if anyone knew it would be MILT FRESH. i'm tryin to get a pair or something similiar...holla.

2. i'm trying to get a pair of velvet slippers (rlph lauren has a pair for $900 on their site) but you know i'm not trying to spend that kind of money. i recently came across a pair from hudsons ... crazy and they were like$100 but out of stock. i found them on a fellow bloggers site (check it out, it's a good blog...

and 3
i'm still trying to get a good pic of your moms to post.

stay up and keep grinding.
sorry, couldnt send the e-mail to your e-mail acct.