Wednesday, November 26, 2008

world domination!!!!!

People know me in New Haven, playa i ain't knew, lookin at me all funny while i'm countin my money, surprise, what I do is already legalised!!!!! No illegal activity!!! It's all legal!! I can't afford to be locked up with a dude named peaches!!!To the young generation,nobody is telling you not to afford nice things, or possessions. That's part of the American dream. However,we must look at what we are doing in order to obtain them. I hate when people talk that materialistic/anti-bling bling crap!!!!The same people who are trying to tell black kids to stop bling blingin, are the ones emptying out their bank accounts to lease a new Range Rover or a Escalade!!! Ain't that somethin!!?? But anyway I school the youth that you don't have to rob, Steal or kill to obtain glory!!! All it takes is working hard, be yourself and most of all don't let the money make you, make the money. I'll be the first to tell you money isn't everything. I learned that last year!! Pocket full of money, but my soul was so burnt out!!!! I know, i'm sayin money ain't everything, with this cash on my lap, but trust me, hard work always pays off.

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