Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well today on this Election Day freakin Hillside(4X) was jumpin today! Went with mom and dad to vote. Everybody and their mother was out tryin to vote. And no matter who you talked to, it seemed like everybody's goal is to get Obama in office. From everybodies conversation, it seems like he has a chance. However the polls have a tendancy to say different!!! I don't normally like to talk politics on this blog or frankly in general. I let God worry about all of the complicated issues that the government has placed upon us. My main thing is i'm glad to be alive to see a black man running for Presiden. Never thought I wouuld see that. I just hope everythng is done on the up and up. But what I like about this election is it has broght so many races of people together. It really showed me what this country is supposed to be about. That brought joy to my soul. Heck it brought a lot of hood dudes out, that I would have never thought cared about a vote. My only concern is people feel Obama is the savior for Black People. Which is not so. He maybe setting a precident for the black race, but he's no where near our savior. They are placing a great deal of pressure on his shoulders. I hate to see what happens if he doesn't deliver.But like I said, for stuff like that you got to place it in God's hands.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe I'm madd You Got That Sticker On Ya Face lol. Looks Like Everybody And They momma Wasn't Playin Bout Voting