Saturday, November 1, 2008

Somethin for the lovers!!!

Last night after dinner I decided to go to Best Buy to cop Ne-Yo and John Legend's new joints (Yes I still buy CD's). I know John Legend would produce a serious body of work. Aside from the Greenlight joint, he's got a couple tracks that will touch ya soul. But the joint I hope he makes a single is that joint with Kanye, It's over. That joint is mad energetic and smooth. Plus that joint is the ill break up anthem!!! LOL!! With Ne-yo I feel he had a lot to prove this time around. His last album wasn't hot minus his three singles. Really i'm looking for him to top his last album. Which is very hard to do. However, I have to say I'm not mad at it. Cause hhed did his thing. He's got this sick track about him attending his ex's weding which i'm telling you now is TOOOO FuZz!!!!! The way he describes sitting there, his feelings, both of them smiling at eachother then looking away. Man that joint got me!!!! It's called Fade into the Background!!!! Both CD's are copable. With artists in general we have to get out of that first album thing.Both of their first albums are classics. Albums that you don't have to skip around or make yourself like. You can't remake those over. Wait up, yo I have talk about John Legend's styling. They've got him looking more Luxery Casual. I remember when he came to 106 and park he had the ill peanutbutter brown leather with ill FuZzEd out kicks(terrance J was straight jockin his kicks). Then for the FNMTV joint during the summer he had the ill red short sleeve button down, Navy Blue Jeans(are the best!!!), and some ill red kicks. I can't front, i'm glad his stylist took this approach instead of dressing him up. He would have clashed with the likes Ne-Yo. Even though they are two different artists, you need to seperate the lanes. Besides John Legend has done whay Ne-Yo's done style wise 10 million times minus the stingy brims and driver caps. Ne-Yo is today's Style Beast hands down though!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well Im Glad You Did This Blog Because I Wanted To Get Both Cds But I Wanted A Second Opinion And I Just Got It So I Know Now That Imma GonnA Get These Cds I Really Like both Of These Dudes I like How They Dress And How They Do Their music. Its Just Like They Got A Song For Whatever Type Of Mood Your In And I Like That