Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is it Suitable?

For men the number one complaint is Men don't have the options that women have when it comes to dressing up. Men have the biggest issues when it comes to wearing a suit! Why is that? Because the majority of men look as the suit as a formal pair of handcuffs. Something you have to be locked down in. Many feel their identity will be lost in the fabric. Well these images show men who are very well suited and have not comprimised their anything for style. The key to wearing a suit is to be comfortable. There are 50 million ways to wear them and 50 million styles of suits. Then on top of that theres the atmosphere in which you plan to wear said outfit. Now a lot of men have an issue with being over dressed for events. However this is where your creativity and confince takes over. With a pinstriped three peice suit, you can wear your with a tie and cap toes to the office, then for after hours go tieless with the collar open, while sporting driving shoes and a driving cap. Which leads me to my favorite battle in the war of menswear: Conservative vs Flashy!!! To me its always hilarious to see how they view eachother. Conservative dressed men(Men who wear subtle colors, browns, blacks navy blue, subtle plaids and pinstripe. Men who beleave in the less is more philosophy Example Donald Trump)feel that flashy dressed men are more clown like. Then Flashy dressed gentlemen(Men who wear loud or bright colors and bold patterns Example Andre 3000, Myself, or any pimp) feel conservative dressers are very drab and boring when it comes to dressing. What makes it funny is both feel that the other is rediculous. But think about it. Most consrvative men are flashy in one way or another.It reminds me of the debates my uncle(who is super conservative) and I have everytime we see eachother. He'll tell me he could never wear a yellow suit, because they'll say,"there goes that loud man in that loud suit". Then I tell him, if you shut ya mouth you wouldn't have to worry about that. And look at the philosphy. What the conservative man lack in color picks up in attitude. If not that then look at there accessories or other possesions(cars, gadgets, ect). Flashy gentlemen have a type of confidence that makes them feel they have the right to wear bright and bold items. The best example of such a war has to be out of the movie American Gangster. Everbody knows frank was a fade into the background kind of guy. but his attitude was more flamboyant. Throughout the whole movie, it proved my theory. Like when he's at his club and brings his brother in the side room and inquires about his wardrobe. "what is that your wearing? His bro says, a very very very nice suit!!! Then Frank blurts"your wearing a clown suit, it screams arrest me, you tryna be like Nicky barns? Then after dialogue is over Lucus says i'll take you shopping!!! LOL! Then look at the fur Coat incident. The time he decides to go flashy he brings unwanted attention to himself from the feds. That movie had an ill sartorial message behind it. And it all goes back to your attitude, your confidence and what your trying to convey when your dressed. I'm stoping here. I can go all day!!


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow What Can I Say. This Was A Great Read. I Like When You Said What A Conservative man Lacks In His Clothes He Picks Up With his attitude That Is So Very True. Also When you Said there goes that loud man in that loud suit babe that was funny but i enjoyed reading this blogs and i love all the pics you attached to them.

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

once again, you hit it on the head. i enjoy reading your blog 'cause of your candid and no nonsense style. like yourself i may dress in a way some call flashy...but certainly never scream for attention. keep givin' 'em that MILT-FRESH EXPERIENCE.