Thursday, April 30, 2009

Throw back flick from the first JP's open mic night!!!

Throw back pic from the first open mic night!!! Me and my pookie, and my dude Hovi the great!! That was a crazy night!! When I first started throwin the mic!!! I'll disrespect you like throwin shoes at the president!!!! LOL!
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Words From the great one!!!

Whats FuZzN yall? Fresh back on top of things. I'm coolin out today!!! Keepin it FuZz!! The Tuxedo Chic is in full effect!!!! A lot of people checkin the FuZz game out!!! Nothin major, brown Mo's on the feet. Any way you all know today marks the one year Anniversary of my Grandmother's passing!!! Man everyday feels weird without her. it's been an up hill climb with my family having to survive without her. But God is able to pull us through adversity. My mom is the one a pray for everyday because my Grandmother was her heart. I can still see my mother going to peices after they took her out in a body bag. Me I just try to keep my mind focused on othere things so I won't have to think about it as much. But anyway Ya boy Milt-Fresh is so Freakin addicted to the Ralph Lauren Mercer and Bleecker classic collection. The polos look right underneath the dashiki tops!!!! Got to handle biz this weekend!!!!!! Boat shoes are definetly a must!!! Best bramnds are Sperry, Gbx. Ralph Lauren, and Rockport!! Oh 310 boat shoes get work too(But thats where it stops, anything else from 310 is uncivilized)!! BUT FUBU BOAT SHOES ARE A FREAKIN NO, NO, NO, NO, LORD NO!!!!!! THEY HAVE THE UGLISET FRONT!!!! Got to order a black pair of two tone Brown and Tan Stacy Adams Madisons and a Black paten leather pair of Stacy Adams Daytons!!!! Got to do it for the O.G.'s(you ain't a man in my family without a pair, ok you just ain't doin nothin0 FuZz talk got my head spinnin!!!! I can't wait!!!! Once again, stupidity is a disease that is spreading by the second. I just pray that it comes to a hault one day. When I say this I don't mean everybody has to become road scholars!!! It just means people need to think about what they're saying and the moves they're making!! Any way God bless everyone, keep ya heads up and stay safe, FuZz!!

Boat Shoe boots was killin em!!!!!

Man these joints got work yesterday!!!!!

R.I. P Mother Hazel Haskins!!!!! 1 year later!!!!

A true Woman of class!!! Gone but not forgotten!!! Love you MAMA!!!!!

The love for the game, the real gotti!!!!

It's funny when you hear the name Gotti in today's terms you think of spray on tans, spikey hair, Armani Exchange and New Jersey. Yes i'm refering to the Gotti Boys. But When I think of the name Gotti, I think of the Original John Gotti. This entry isn't made to highlight him as a mob figure. It's written to highligght his sartorial efforts. He was known as the dapper don for his love for Brioni Suits and hand made ties. He also had a passion for expensive ties. Now everybody said, John Gotti dressed extravagent. Well by the black man's sense of extravagent he was far from a zoot suit. But For one, many looked at the price of his suits, ranging from $500-800 per suit. Many were in the finest fabrics, from 100 percent silk to 100 percent wool. I mean you can tell a great suit when you see one, no matter who you are. But it was because of his well dressed image he wasn't well liked in the Mob five mob families. Always high profiled, diddy befor his time. Had a barber tending to his hair everyday. Many said he was a vain man. Which is the case of many peple whho have power. If you notice they always want to attack the man in power who stands firm in stature and has his own style or is dressed to the nines. No matter what race you are people fear a well dressed person with attitude!!! The ill part is the criminal system may have got gotti, but the mob didn't. When he died cancer was what took out. It's like they can take your body but they can't take ya mind and soul. Once again I tell you, its deeper than clothes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

They treid to say he, I hear em saying he down, but not out!!!!!

They thought because my laptop was down I wouldn't be able to broadcast the FuZz to the nation!!!! I know there was some sucka thinkin that this blog is was gonna stop!!! Where ever theres a will there is a way!!! This is annointed and sent by god suckaz!!!! You can't shut the FuZz down!!! I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water!!!! Anyway, you see how the yellow is goin down!!! We rock Ties and polos underneth the dashiki tops!!!!!! Check the GBX boat shoe style on em!!!! Hat on a mean lean!!!!! Excuse me if the FuZz got me full of myself!!!! Thought Id grind on em for a min!!!! Anyway. MILT-FRESH IS BACK SUCKAZ!!!!!!!!

They not ready for it!!!!!!!

FINALLY WENT SHOPPING!!!!!!! I WAS SO RELEAVED TO HIT MACYS!!!!! I'm deffinetly going to destroy things with the pink and green Bleecker classic and the white and blue Mercer classic by Ralph Lauren!!!! I already schooled yall earlier on the Rugby Lo game!!! Then I thought Id add the baby blue DKNY polo to the mix!!!! Man Ask pookie, I was going through wild coniptions because I couldn't get a chance to go shopping!!!! But yall suckaz beware, The style Kamikazi is at yall!!!!


My pookie girl and I out on the town killin saturday night!!! Out gettin our savage on at the pacific joint!!! Can't stunt missed our spot though!!!! Well maybe next time!! But everytime I'm with her is beautiful. Brotha got to get his carl thomas on sometimes!!! That's my future right there!! My life line!! My love and my best friend!!!

A FuZzY boys paradise

What's FuZzN yall, I know it's been a couple of days, but ya FuZz been chillin. Highly upset that my laptop has another virus in it!!! But trust, these suckaz can't silence me!!!! But anyway spring officially has sprung in CT!! Straight jumped from cool temps to real warm summer junk!!! Ain't been shoppin in forever and I'm breakin out in hives!!!! And the stotrs that I did go into ain't have bno type of heat(meanin nothing looked good in the stores) to work with. Som people ask me sometimes what is my philosophy about going shopping? Whether im shopping in the store or on the net, my goal is to buy peices that are the best of the best of the best. I look at color, shape, and design. And it has to be ground breaking or earth shattering!!! I'm not just looking for some old any item that everybody has!!!!! well atleast thats how I think about it!!!! The rest we leave up to style's sake!!! Like this summer a brotha will be crushin polo shirts and ties underneath the dashiki suit once again!!! Yes I gave away a fee be, no I don't care!!!! Why cause they can't do it like Fresh can!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

If the world of denim has gone far enough, I bring you Konvict Jeans!!!!!

Now what do I know, yes I take extravagent to levels unseen, but Akonn and Konvict Jeans!!!!!!?????? What type of mess is this!!!???? I DON'T WANT NOTHIN ON MY BUT THAT SYBALIZES ME GOING TO JAIL!!!! I ain't tryna bring bad vibes on me!!!!! I don't care if you change that C to a K I ain't rockin with it!!!!! Handcuffs on my butt!!! Got to be kidding me!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fresh to def!!! Yeah i know so 03!!! LOL!

What's FuZzN world!!!?? Milt-Fresh is on some chill this week. mad things ain't been goin accordin to plan but I know God has a reason for everything. Been checkin out a few things. Mad cause them suckaz sold out of the Skyline/white/ grey GBX Boat shoes. Only joints left are the yellow/orange/white. don't really want those like that. I wouldn't mind rockin em though. However, I do have these sick Red and Grey slip on GBX mocs on the brain too. Man then then theres the Fred Perry bag vs Marc by Marc Jacobs tote debate!!! LOL! I know this post is a huge freakin wishlist!!!! Anyway things are cool. Finally sat down and watched the sex in the city movie. Can't stunt i'm diggin it. Can't wait to roll out with the misses whenever she gets clearence!!! LOL! Copped the Samsung Eternity a week ago. Joint is rather tough. My boy Hova was talkin to me about a week ago about how could we've been towards certain people. IDK, I feel sometimes people just don't get it. Hopefully people will get it. Man I just need to pray harder and become centerd. Then after go shopping!!! LOL! But any way I must go yall!! FuZz

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two generations of graduates from the school of hard knocks!!!!!

Yes my mom and I graduated from the same high school, James Hillhouse highschool!!! Obviously not the same year, Class 03 stand up. We were talking the other day about how an educatuion at Hillhouse offers you real life experience that you just can't learn in the average classroom. You got to be a survivor in there!!!! I'll never forget the assistant principle asked me, how did I make it through four years of here? He knew a year a head of time I had plans of transfering because of the hard time I was having. But I told him, I decided to make the best of a tough situation. but these diplomas lets the world know were survivors!!!! But anyway enough with serious lean on me talk!!! There goes my graduation picture at the bottom!!!! FuZzY brotha I was!!! But underneth that, Theres my da da da!!!! THE JAMES HILLHOUSE HIGHSCHOOL BEST DRESSED PICTURE FOR THE YEAR BOOK!!!! HARD TO SEE(THEY DID THE YEAR BOOK DIRTY ON PURPOSE), I WAS ROCKIN THE SICK REFLECTIVE GUCCI SHADES(YES THE ONES THAT FAB HAD IN THE ADDICTED VIDEO). Theres the female best dressed winner Angela aka Diamond(Chick has a mean stunt game plus she got bars)!!!! Anyway just thought I'd pull this out for yall. man they asked me what did I do in highschool, was I on the basketball team or football team ect? I tell em all I did was get fly all day and killed the hallway!!!! LOL! FuZz!!

Too FuZz!!!!!!

Got to grab these plaid wallabee clarks befor its too late!! These are some of the sickest joints i've seen thus far9as far as wallys go)


Even though this statement was used for a few laughs on Family Guy, one can't only just think this is what people really think of minorities. inner City trash that don't know nothing better than robbing and killing eachother. And you know black people are at the top of the list!!!! But you know my mom has always said true words were spoken in a joke. The sad part about it is no one wants to stop being the butt of it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Skyline white and grey GBX Boat shoes on my Radar!!!!

Well yesterday I broke out my yellow skyline and brown GBX boat shoes!!! Man suckaz was watchin my feet all day. Yes ya boy Milt-Fresh wore them to church!!! Decided to break out new bold innovation to the world!!! With them being my second pair, i must say i'm becoming addicted to GBX boat shoes!!! They easy to dress up. So with that being said my eye is set on these skyline/white/and grey joints. People see me in these joints and they are bewilderd. For one they can't comprehend wether its a sneaker or shoes. But the round front and the eye let ducks suggest more of a casual boat shoe. Appropriate for most any occassion. But the key is how they're worn. If worn with Abercroombie & Fitch jeans and a regular T they night not mean the same thing. Then again, seeing anybody else other than me in GBX shoes is very interesting. But if you throw them on with a suit shirt and tie and a driver cap(I had a wide brim yellow stetson, had to go full blown!!!), you can really make waves with that look. All because the change in shoe game. I've gotten my recent surge in dressing up casual shoes from, yes you've guessed it, wallabee clarks!!!! I'm always into finding the item thats going to change the game and change how we look at style. Screw fashion cause most people wouldn't see GBX as a true fashion brand. But a person with style has the balls to take something of that calibur, flipping it and making it hot. IT'S DEEPER THAN CLOTHES YALL!!!!

Ralph Lauren Bleecker polos's get the bussiness!!!!

I know, everybody out here is a "vintage Lo head" now. Yes classic Ralph Lauren peices will never go ut of style,however Ralph Lauren is still making mean peices into his Collection such as the Bleecker and Mercer Clubs that represent Ralph Lauren's salute to the sport of Rugby. Each peice is made with a touch of the sport and original Ralph Lauren style. This pink joint is tough, I saw it in Macy's and have been on a quest to get it. Angry that I saw young dro `with it on in an interveiw.` that dude really doesn't get the do he deserves for being fly. like i've said befor t.i is cool but my man Dro dresses how down south dudes used to dress, with the polo, tommy, nautica, bright colors, might have a shirt tucked in!!! That was classic.

143 to my Queen Roni

To the love of my life Roni, I tried to picture life without you and honsetly I couldn't fathom it. For the past few years that we've been together has filled my heart with great joy. Never have I experienced love on this level befor. There is no me without you. You can't utter a syllable of our names without thinking of the other. For many years i've invisioned my heart's freedom. It has only seen love flow from rivers and valleys from the eyes of prison bars. Now I have the chance to swim in love's stream. Holding your hand, you are thy woman and thy your man. They finally set this cative free, now I only wish to live life with thee. Babby girl I love you.

Mkt is gonna get the bizzness in 2010

Not a huge car fan like some, but I know what I like, and this Lincoln joint is gonna hurt a few feelins on the road. You thought you saw a lot of MKZ's on the road this year!! Ain't nothin!!! This is gonna be it!!! You know while i'm at it, let me talk about the demographics of car brands for a second. Isn't it funny how cars like Cadillacs and Lincolns are the car of choice by most church goers and player type ballers who are over the age of 30. I mean when you're on the road, do you ever take into consideration whose behind the car? Or like a person who drives a an Acura or a honda are between the ages of 30-18 and most likely are apart of the hip-hop generation. You may think it's nothing, but this is how car companies move their cars. On demographics of people. Making cars that appeal to a ceratin audiance. Thats why I like cars like the Bentleys, Rolls Royce Phanton, Lambo, Ferarri, Maybach and ect. Yes for the average man, they're unatainable to have. but these cars don't need advertisement or wild product placement to get them. you either have the money for it or you don't. I can respect that. These everyday car companies put out adds to the people forcing you to buy into them. But then again, you as a person should know how far to go!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

For the love of the FuZz; Craig Sager

I've been wanting to put TNT sports announcer Craig Sager on the for the love of the FuZz section for quite sometime. I just couldn't find pictures that really did his style justice. This is a guy who has really takin some flack for the way he dresses. I mean to be honest with you I donn't know why. Well yes I do!!! It's becausehe's white. An old white guy, who seemed a lil jealouse and rascist said to me one day, "you guys(menaing black guys) look good wearing bright colors, If i did it, i would look like a fool!!!" The thing is if you put any of craig's outfits on a black guy, it wouldn't be so bad. There still would be shock value because of wild clashing colors and patterns coming together. Because he's an old white male we have a problem. i'll never forget Kevin Garnett told him to burn his clothes!!! Oh wow, you finally cop a purple label suit and gt tailored to fit, got on somegrown and sexy now you feel your the fashion king!!! IF IT WASN'T FOR THE NBA RULING OUT HOOD GEAR ON THE SIDE LNE YOU'D BE LOOKIN LIKE A BACKGROUND EXTRA FOR 50 CENTS IN THE CLUB!!!!! Bunch of suckaz!!!! Sager's a beast!!!!!!! Can't even tie his lizard skins!!!!! Takes balls to stunt like that!!!! It takes a great mind to put artwork together like that!!! For them suckaz all it takes is a photo shoot and free alterd clothes the styliST DOESN'T WANT!!! Act like fresh don't know the game!!!!!

Nerd concert at southern part 2

Ok I couldn't help but throw my pic from the other post up here for the second time cause that's how live my fit was. People was ice grillin my fit left and right while I was in there!!!!befor the concert I got up with all my boys in one, my boy D-rad startd outside campus flickin up with hova the great!!! Then we caught up with the official rockstar himself, my dude Peeps gunna!!!! man came through stuntin with the official Loui case!!!! that's one dude who lives to party hard!!! Any way joint was an ill night!!! Had mad fun goin hard wit NERD.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just got back from thee N.E.R.D concert at souther!n!!! My ears is freakin ringin!!!!

Excuse my face in the ful body shot. I was caught in mid laughter!!! Anyway just came back from the NERD concert!!! Was most definetly live in that peice!!!! As you can see a brotha had to go hard on em with the FuZz game!!! Pulled out the wine and gray Zota's. Got more pics of the day, just too tired to post em. I even have viseo of the NERD performanc. just bought A NEW PHONE. i'M Lliving for eternity!!!! So when I learn how to send video up here the Milt-Fresh Experience will be the first to see!!! Brown collection suit, Zota shoes, scala hat!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yo i'm too glad my GBX Boat Shoes came in!!! took them suckaz long enough!!!! Trust ya FuZz ain't plyin no games with em!!!!