Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fred perry and Ben Sherman are on a list of brands worn by Neo Nazis

Yes the one of the brands that gets heavy promotion on this blog, Fred Perry, along with the brand Ben Sherman, has been linked with being worn by many Neo Nazi's in Germany. they've gone as far as to have the brand outlawed by many police departments in Germany if an officers is seen wearing Fred perry or Ben Sherman items. You might be wondering how in the world would FP get linked to Neo Nazi's? Well the secret is in the Fred Perry symbol, the crown which is visible on evey fred perry item is used to represent the victory. And in anient roman culture they use the crown to represent The might ruler Ceaser. And after Ceaser, who was the next powerful dictator in History? Hitler. Crazy ideology and philosphy!! Yes I know. but they shouldn't say nothin about gangs any more using items to symbolize their existence(like blods wearing calvin clien to represent crip killer or crips wearing british knights to represent BK blood killer). The other question I know is on everyones mind is will I stop buying the brand? Man please, I ain't got nothin to do with who else buys the junk!!!!! Like I said back with Tommy Hilfiger, dude ain't call me no nigger!!!! Besides, i'm already boycotting to many products and places any way!!!! By the wayy, SCREW KIMBERLY PIZZA ON KIMBERLY AVE!!!!! The co-owner doesn't know how treat patrons of the Community!!!! See what I mean?

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well my baby know his stuff lol. great job on this one cause i would've neverknown any of this.