Saturday, April 4, 2009

You got pay for this, I remember when i used to pray for this

What's FuZzN ya'll, Milt-Fresh the Best Dressed, the Fresh King, whatever other title, is here to speak to the people. Man my week was filled with suckaz tryna push my buttons. Really for two weeks straight I been stuck in a anti-social mood. Only wantin to speak to who are real close to me. Turned down a TV appearance and a spittin engagement. Yeah I get like that. Just wantin to stay away from suckaism and stupidity!!!! like I said befor suckaism is a state of mind and stupidity is a disease. And trust it's spreading fast all over the world. The majority are dumb def and blind. What Nas say, you fear what you don't understand and hate what you can't conquer. A real live statement!!!! People just really need to be thankful for life right now. So many suckaz are playin with their jobs right now, knowing that millions of people don't have jobs at this point. Anyway, On to a more happier note, bout to cop the purple GBX playboys and yellow, blue, brown GBX boat shoes. Paired just right with a sick fit and the boat shoes become very dressy. Got to have the purple playboys. Kanye's interview with complex was good, dude is really witty. Liked his answer about why he spazzes on journalists who hate on him, than a rapper who hates on him. He's right Rappers want to use ignorence to beat him. A jornalist is more on his level. What you don't understand is that comment was the biggest slap in the face to half of these rappers. Suckaz want a big beef, back and forth dialoge. Rick Ross's article for xxl was very ill!!!! I like his state of mind. Man even shared a secret to how he buys shirts that don't fit him. Kiss my pinky ring curley is very baller. And yes i'm laugphing at 50 in his adds because he can't dress!!!! I know I talk about Rick ross a lot, but besides Kanye, he's my second favorite rapper. wwell that is hard to say. oh and trust I will be coming out with My top picks for the Best Dressed Rappers at the Milt-Fresh Experience!!!! Really i should do the top picks period. however, there are only a few styles I respect. But we'll see how it all works out. NO I'M NOT GOING TO PUT MYSELF ON THE LIST!!!!! LOL! ok maybe I will!! LOL! Nah but I learned my lesson after last years Esquire Magazine's best dressed real man in America contest. Theres a set look and set style they're going for!!! My style tooooo Flashy and out there for them. Like i've said befor I know i'm the Best Dressed man period. No if's and's or buts(watch out world, Fresh is gettin his kanye on!!!!! LOL!). We can take this back to James Hillhouse high school, where I was the 2003 Best Dressed Award winner. And like I said, their are only few styles i respect. My partner in FuZz T. Montgomery A.K.A Peeps. We came in FuZzN we leavin out FuZzN!!!!! My dude Karl Guerre from Swagger360!!!!! The only other dude who can claim the word swagger because he represents that to the fullest!!!! Few others, but those are my top!! But as far as my spot go's theres no need to enter any contests no more. I don't need to slay the lamb and sprinkle it's blood over the door(read ya bibles!!)!!!!! It's already done, My title has already been ordained!!! I'm a year stronger,I'm a year wiser and a year better, soooo much better. Thank God he let me see the light!!!!! People this junk is deeper than clothes. I try to tell em, but they just can't see past the stacy's the zota's, the mo's, GBX's, the dashiki suits, the hats, the african crowns. It's deeper!!!! One day they'll understand. But to be honest I really don't care if they don't understand!!!! It's their problem!!!!

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