Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Them things was slammin!!!!!!! lol!

Yesterday work had my head spinin with the amount of stupidity all around me. So last night my pookie roni and I went to our spot, olive garden to unwined. Man to be real dinner was the peaceful part of my day. We had mad fun pookin fun at one of the waiters who pookie sounded like Perez Hilton!!!! lol! That junk was too Funny. Then these chicks at the round table kept tryna sneak glimpses of us!! Well since they kept looking, I decided to make them stars and put them on my blog! Tell that bird you roll with to stop showing her tattoo on her back at the dinner table!!! People are tryna eat in here!!!! Yeah invasion of privacy but that's what happens when you mess with us!!! Definetly wasn't feelin my three cheese ziti. Which brings me to my next point, it always tastes better on my pookie's plate!!! But that chocolate moose was on point though!!! once again it was a great night. I really needed it after bein around suckaz all day!!Oh yeah them things was slammin (waving my stick!!!)!! LOL! Inside j/k. That junk was toooo funny. Oh check out my pookie's scrippa heels!!! yeah thats right I said Scrippa heels!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe I had A Great Time With You At Dinner Last Night. Yes I Rocked The Scrippa Heels Only Me Only me. But Yea The Chick At The Round Table Discussion Was On Some Wild Mess Inside Out Rocawear Sweat Pants To Dinner Are You Serious? Then Showin Ya Booty To Anoter Chick At Ya Table lol No Home Training. But I'm Glad We Helped Each Other Unwind From A Long Day It Was A Great Night Cap.