Monday, April 27, 2009

They treid to say he, I hear em saying he down, but not out!!!!!

They thought because my laptop was down I wouldn't be able to broadcast the FuZz to the nation!!!! I know there was some sucka thinkin that this blog is was gonna stop!!! Where ever theres a will there is a way!!! This is annointed and sent by god suckaz!!!! You can't shut the FuZz down!!! I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water!!!! Anyway, you see how the yellow is goin down!!! We rock Ties and polos underneth the dashiki tops!!!!!! Check the GBX boat shoe style on em!!!! Hat on a mean lean!!!!! Excuse me if the FuZz got me full of myself!!!! Thought Id grind on em for a min!!!! Anyway. MILT-FRESH IS BACK SUCKAZ!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

My babe Dont Have Minor Set Backs Can't nothing Stop You From blogging. Babe You Look Extra Sexy in This Pic And Im Feeling Ya Shoes. You Betta Go Head Brotha lol