Thursday, April 30, 2009

Words From the great one!!!

Whats FuZzN yall? Fresh back on top of things. I'm coolin out today!!! Keepin it FuZz!! The Tuxedo Chic is in full effect!!!! A lot of people checkin the FuZz game out!!! Nothin major, brown Mo's on the feet. Any way you all know today marks the one year Anniversary of my Grandmother's passing!!! Man everyday feels weird without her. it's been an up hill climb with my family having to survive without her. But God is able to pull us through adversity. My mom is the one a pray for everyday because my Grandmother was her heart. I can still see my mother going to peices after they took her out in a body bag. Me I just try to keep my mind focused on othere things so I won't have to think about it as much. But anyway Ya boy Milt-Fresh is so Freakin addicted to the Ralph Lauren Mercer and Bleecker classic collection. The polos look right underneath the dashiki tops!!!! Got to handle biz this weekend!!!!!! Boat shoes are definetly a must!!! Best bramnds are Sperry, Gbx. Ralph Lauren, and Rockport!! Oh 310 boat shoes get work too(But thats where it stops, anything else from 310 is uncivilized)!! BUT FUBU BOAT SHOES ARE A FREAKIN NO, NO, NO, NO, LORD NO!!!!!! THEY HAVE THE UGLISET FRONT!!!! Got to order a black pair of two tone Brown and Tan Stacy Adams Madisons and a Black paten leather pair of Stacy Adams Daytons!!!! Got to do it for the O.G.'s(you ain't a man in my family without a pair, ok you just ain't doin nothin0 FuZz talk got my head spinnin!!!! I can't wait!!!! Once again, stupidity is a disease that is spreading by the second. I just pray that it comes to a hault one day. When I say this I don't mean everybody has to become road scholars!!! It just means people need to think about what they're saying and the moves they're making!! Any way God bless everyone, keep ya heads up and stay safe, FuZz!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Once Again R.I.P To Ya Grandmother, I Didn't Kow Her But I'm Sure She Was A Great Person.

Babe You Hard On the Boat Shoes Aint You lol. nah but Thats My Bookie You Always Doin ya Thing And I Know You Cant Wait To Go Shopping This Weekend.