Thursday, April 30, 2009

The love for the game, the real gotti!!!!

It's funny when you hear the name Gotti in today's terms you think of spray on tans, spikey hair, Armani Exchange and New Jersey. Yes i'm refering to the Gotti Boys. But When I think of the name Gotti, I think of the Original John Gotti. This entry isn't made to highlight him as a mob figure. It's written to highligght his sartorial efforts. He was known as the dapper don for his love for Brioni Suits and hand made ties. He also had a passion for expensive ties. Now everybody said, John Gotti dressed extravagent. Well by the black man's sense of extravagent he was far from a zoot suit. But For one, many looked at the price of his suits, ranging from $500-800 per suit. Many were in the finest fabrics, from 100 percent silk to 100 percent wool. I mean you can tell a great suit when you see one, no matter who you are. But it was because of his well dressed image he wasn't well liked in the Mob five mob families. Always high profiled, diddy befor his time. Had a barber tending to his hair everyday. Many said he was a vain man. Which is the case of many peple whho have power. If you notice they always want to attack the man in power who stands firm in stature and has his own style or is dressed to the nines. No matter what race you are people fear a well dressed person with attitude!!! The ill part is the criminal system may have got gotti, but the mob didn't. When he died cancer was what took out. It's like they can take your body but they can't take ya mind and soul. Once again I tell you, its deeper than clothes.

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