Monday, April 20, 2009

Skyline white and grey GBX Boat shoes on my Radar!!!!

Well yesterday I broke out my yellow skyline and brown GBX boat shoes!!! Man suckaz was watchin my feet all day. Yes ya boy Milt-Fresh wore them to church!!! Decided to break out new bold innovation to the world!!! With them being my second pair, i must say i'm becoming addicted to GBX boat shoes!!! They easy to dress up. So with that being said my eye is set on these skyline/white/and grey joints. People see me in these joints and they are bewilderd. For one they can't comprehend wether its a sneaker or shoes. But the round front and the eye let ducks suggest more of a casual boat shoe. Appropriate for most any occassion. But the key is how they're worn. If worn with Abercroombie & Fitch jeans and a regular T they night not mean the same thing. Then again, seeing anybody else other than me in GBX shoes is very interesting. But if you throw them on with a suit shirt and tie and a driver cap(I had a wide brim yellow stetson, had to go full blown!!!), you can really make waves with that look. All because the change in shoe game. I've gotten my recent surge in dressing up casual shoes from, yes you've guessed it, wallabee clarks!!!! I'm always into finding the item thats going to change the game and change how we look at style. Screw fashion cause most people wouldn't see GBX as a true fashion brand. But a person with style has the balls to take something of that calibur, flipping it and making it hot. IT'S DEEPER THAN CLOTHES YALL!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe These Shoes Are Nice. So What You Gonna Do Get These And Have People goin crazy Like You Did Sunday? lol