Monday, April 20, 2009

143 to my Queen Roni

To the love of my life Roni, I tried to picture life without you and honsetly I couldn't fathom it. For the past few years that we've been together has filled my heart with great joy. Never have I experienced love on this level befor. There is no me without you. You can't utter a syllable of our names without thinking of the other. For many years i've invisioned my heart's freedom. It has only seen love flow from rivers and valleys from the eyes of prison bars. Now I have the chance to swim in love's stream. Holding your hand, you are thy woman and thy your man. They finally set this cative free, now I only wish to live life with thee. Babby girl I love you.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

♥Awwww babe Wow That Was So Sweet of You Im At A Lost For Words. I Mean I CAn't I Magine My Life Without You Either babe. You Cahnged My Heart Forever Baby All I Wanna Do Is Spend The Rest Of My Life With You. Babe I Love You Too Forever And A Day♥