Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fresh to def!!! Yeah i know so 03!!! LOL!

What's FuZzN world!!!?? Milt-Fresh is on some chill this week. mad things ain't been goin accordin to plan but I know God has a reason for everything. Been checkin out a few things. Mad cause them suckaz sold out of the Skyline/white/ grey GBX Boat shoes. Only joints left are the yellow/orange/white. don't really want those like that. I wouldn't mind rockin em though. However, I do have these sick Red and Grey slip on GBX mocs on the brain too. Man then then theres the Fred Perry bag vs Marc by Marc Jacobs tote debate!!! LOL! I know this post is a huge freakin wishlist!!!! Anyway things are cool. Finally sat down and watched the sex in the city movie. Can't stunt i'm diggin it. Can't wait to roll out with the misses whenever she gets clearence!!! LOL! Copped the Samsung Eternity a week ago. Joint is rather tough. My boy Hova was talkin to me about a week ago about how could we've been towards certain people. IDK, I feel sometimes people just don't get it. Hopefully people will get it. Man I just need to pray harder and become centerd. Then after go shopping!!! LOL! But any way I must go yall!! FuZz

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Fresh To Death Huh Alright my baby Lookin Real Good And Saturday You With Wifey Oh And Look At You Talkin Bout Shoppin