Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two generations of graduates from the school of hard knocks!!!!!

Yes my mom and I graduated from the same high school, James Hillhouse highschool!!! Obviously not the same year, Class 03 stand up. We were talking the other day about how an educatuion at Hillhouse offers you real life experience that you just can't learn in the average classroom. You got to be a survivor in there!!!! I'll never forget the assistant principle asked me, how did I make it through four years of here? He knew a year a head of time I had plans of transfering because of the hard time I was having. But I told him, I decided to make the best of a tough situation. but these diplomas lets the world know were survivors!!!! But anyway enough with serious lean on me talk!!! There goes my graduation picture at the bottom!!!! FuZzY brotha I was!!! But underneth that, Theres my da da da!!!! THE JAMES HILLHOUSE HIGHSCHOOL BEST DRESSED PICTURE FOR THE YEAR BOOK!!!! HARD TO SEE(THEY DID THE YEAR BOOK DIRTY ON PURPOSE), I WAS ROCKIN THE SICK REFLECTIVE GUCCI SHADES(YES THE ONES THAT FAB HAD IN THE ADDICTED VIDEO). Theres the female best dressed winner Angela aka Diamond(Chick has a mean stunt game plus she got bars)!!!! Anyway just thought I'd pull this out for yall. man they asked me what did I do in highschool, was I on the basketball team or football team ect? I tell em all I did was get fly all day and killed the hallway!!!! LOL! FuZz!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Alright Now lol Ya Betta Go Head lol Look How Young My bookie Look