Saturday, April 18, 2009

For the love of the FuZz; Craig Sager

I've been wanting to put TNT sports announcer Craig Sager on the for the love of the FuZz section for quite sometime. I just couldn't find pictures that really did his style justice. This is a guy who has really takin some flack for the way he dresses. I mean to be honest with you I donn't know why. Well yes I do!!! It's becausehe's white. An old white guy, who seemed a lil jealouse and rascist said to me one day, "you guys(menaing black guys) look good wearing bright colors, If i did it, i would look like a fool!!!" The thing is if you put any of craig's outfits on a black guy, it wouldn't be so bad. There still would be shock value because of wild clashing colors and patterns coming together. Because he's an old white male we have a problem. i'll never forget Kevin Garnett told him to burn his clothes!!! Oh wow, you finally cop a purple label suit and gt tailored to fit, got on somegrown and sexy now you feel your the fashion king!!! IF IT WASN'T FOR THE NBA RULING OUT HOOD GEAR ON THE SIDE LNE YOU'D BE LOOKIN LIKE A BACKGROUND EXTRA FOR 50 CENTS IN THE CLUB!!!!! Bunch of suckaz!!!! Sager's a beast!!!!!!! Can't even tie his lizard skins!!!!! Takes balls to stunt like that!!!! It takes a great mind to put artwork together like that!!! For them suckaz all it takes is a photo shoot and free alterd clothes the styliST DOESN'T WANT!!! Act like fresh don't know the game!!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

He is Sharp lol his stankin feet lol Eva Is Ya Feet Hurt Dont Wear Em lol