Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I live for!!!

The importance of being Earnest

Haz to be one of my favorite moviez of all time. TCM alwayz haz me captivated with such great filmz. thiz particular film, dubbed the importance of being earnest waz written by Oscar Wilder. Great story line, very humorous az well, but caught my attention were the clothez the gentleman wore. the Suitz were Aristocratic Chic with a touch of flair. For that to have been an older film, the stylez that the men wore looked like they could have worked in today'z time. For thoze who want to see classic style, pleaze see thiz film.

Just a lil somethin!!!

Few itemz I picked up yesterday

Hovie the last real Ni$$A allive!!!

real Ni$$az are becoming extinct. Fake Ni$$aZ are running ramped with all typez of suckaizm. But my boy hovie iz az real az they come. Long live the real.


When I do theze Power Movez Behind the stitch segmentz, I try to give readerz a look at the brandz that we buy through the inside out. Talking about what goez on with the garmentz befor they hit the wrack. Whatz the Psycology behind the marketing teamz pitchez. What bussiness deal went down to create that shirt or thoze pair of shoez. We take for granted what goez into the thingz we wear, when were stylin and profiling. Many of the timez I see people wearing certain itemz and they have no clue what haz gone into it. Itz deeper than kidz in china working a quarter to make a pair of Jordanz. But it'z how they're marketing thoze Jordanz to the African American community. Itz just putting out the same paair of air jordan 12'z that came out in 96 and rereleasing them in 09. I didn't come here to discus jordanz or labor issuz. In thiz post I want to talk about the Shoe company Harbor Footwear. Off hand u probably have never heard of the company. But Harbor iz responsible for being the parent company that houzez the most well known Footwear brandz such az Giorgio Brutini, Gbx, Impulse, zengara and antonio zengera. Itz funny when u think about theze five brandz seperatly, have their own identity. And when ur out at a menzwear store, it lookz like their all under individual companiez aiming for the same base. But in actuality each brand waz made to appeal to different crowdz. For yearz Giorgio Brutini haz been known az a seriouz dress shoe brand and haz earned a name along side footwear rival Stacy Adamz. GBX on the other hand haz alwayz been Giorgio Brutini'z off spring that had been created to capitalize off of a younger crowd. Impulse waz created under the Steeplegate shoe brand but haz since grown into itz own az an innovator in Men'z exotic dress shoez. And in their attempt to reach a broader audience they create Impulsr sport Culture. Zengara iz more of a conservitive dress shoe line that dealz in new age modelz but uzez darker colorz. Antonio Zengara iz their flashy italian counter part that dealz with the most flashiest dress shoez and waz created to battle new age exotic dress she brandz like Zota and Fiesso. To be real itz smart to attack the market like thiz, becauze when u look at it, therez a way to gain revinue from everybody. Someone may want the orginal classiness of a Giorgio brutini dress shoe. Some one elze my want the flashiness of an Antonio zengara dress shoe. Some kid who digz jeanz and kickz, may like Impulse sport culture sneakerz. But itz all in how you market it to each individual. Itz part of Supply and demand. Yez theze tacticz are very deceiving to the intelegence of shopperz. But thiz iz why itz up to shopperz, to do more than just shop. Do ur research on theze brandz. Take time to actually research the parent compaiez and brandz that are offiliated with one another. Find out why in a Levi'z outlet would be connected to a dockerz. And look at why certain brandz make certain itemz.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thankzgiving day waz great, Do know one plate of food put me down for the count? man i'm lozin my edge!!! LOL! Well keeping up with the family tradition my family took to the streetz of New Haven to hit the Hillhouze Vz Cross foot ball game!!! The elm city classic az itz called, kicked off with the thankzgiving day breakfast. But WAIT, STOP THE PRESSEZ!!!! YOU KNOW MILT-FRESH HAD TO HURT EM WITH THE MEANEST FIT!!! Yeah killed them Suckaz with the Zebra Fur top and scarf. Decided to throw my red satin tie in the mix to give it some kick, and my black and white spiral dezign fratelli jointz. Trust ya FuZz waz a one man wrecking crew with the style!!!!! So we made our way to the Hillhoze Cafeteria and I have to tell u it brought back memoriez!! I remember how me and my boy peepz uzed to go from table to table talkin to people Campaignin in suitz like we were politicianz. Shaking handz, kissing babiez!! LOL! Many gurlz uzed to bring their babiez to school!! LOL! My mom and dad in the glory. After the breakfast we hit the legendary bowen feild where the Stunting takez place!!!! Deffinetly took home the award for the flyest in the game if i say so, hate bragging!!!! On my twitter page I predicted there would be a lot of Coogi, dead party, Gor-text bootz and jordanz out there!!! And oh lord there waz it!! A lot of Champion Sweatshirtz and black and redJordan 12 kickz!! Straight suckaz all jordan did waz put suede on the black part!! And the negroz buy it!! Then for some rezon I saw a lot of U.S. Polo junk!!! I hate U.S. Polo with a passion, Go cop some Chapz if u didn't want to pay for Ralph Lauren Polo. on the dress scene there were three other gentz that I tilted my hat to. We gave eachother the eye, smile, and knod respecting the lookz. But at the game everybody knowz itz all out war with the fitz. Aside from the style, the game itself waz a gathering of people I haven't seen in yearz, or onez I just talk to on Facebook! LOL! kicked it with the 03 hillhouze football team. Met up with a few homeburlz, and chilled with my uncle!!! He'z seriouzly old school. Hillhouze game wouldn't have been complete without a fight breakin out in the bleacherz!!! All u saw waz catz tumblin down them jointz, and hoping over the gate onto the feild. But it got dispersed quick. Young catz buggin. wantin attention. It waz a fun day today. happy thankzgiving to all.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Monday, November 23, 2009


milt-fresh public enemy number one!!!!!!

Stacy Adams Ostriitch and croco print belt

There are certain itemz that certain brandz do the best. To me Stacy Adamz doez beltz the best. They have a way of plaing off of wild colorz and exotic animal printz. But I love when they uze snake skin. They have a way with serpantz. But thiz particular belt iz FuZz. with a whit dress shirt and black dress pantz with the meanest blue shoez. My opinion i would rock it where I see fit. But otherz might would want to uze the belt and the shoez az a focal point.


At first I waz going to do just a straight up post on my soon to be favorite Bravo show Launch My line, thatz soon to premier December 2. From watching the comercial, I noticed a gent with an eye catching flair for style. Meet German born and California Raized PatriK Mcdonld. One of the contestantz who will be dezigning on the show. From the comercial shot, he waz decked out with a window pain plaid suit and most of all a top hat!!!!! A TOP HAT SUCKAZ!!!!!!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWZ HOW TO WEAR A TOP HAT WITH CLASS!!!!!! TAKE THAT T-PAIN AND FLAVOR FLAV!!!! Besidez having a great sense a style, he'z a major power player on the New York Fashion/Style scene. He waz an Assistant buyer Barneys New York and couture director at Fabrice. He'z also been featured in Paper Mag and waz also been dubbed one of Gotham Magazine'z Best dressed men. Handz down he'z my favorite on the show. He'll be one veiwerz will tune in every week to see what he'z wearing!!! One thing I want to point out iz he'z promoted az the Dandy of the show. When we look at Dandyz through history, they were refined men, who placed emphasis in keeping up their appearance, gentlemen who oozed sophistication and prided themselvez on etiqutte in the 1800'z. Uzuall associated with the aristocracy. When we look at their appearance they're uzually seen in a top hat, a derby bowler, or a driving cap, or a fedora. A well tailored plaid suit, pocket watch chain draped from the pocket, traditional tie or bow tie. Ralph Lauren haz walked the fine line between dandy and preppy. Some dandyz go over board with their ensamblez and some are subtle about it. In thiz case Patrik goez over board with it. AND LIKE I ALWAYZ SAY, IT'Z BETTER TO GO OVERBOARD THAN TO NOT GO AT ALL!!! I mean you know how am about my personal style. Thatz the number one complaint I hear. Milt-Fresh iz too flashy, Milt-Fresh iz too out there. Itz a matter of taste and creativity. I'm not a dandy and don't claim to be. But In today'z age Dandyz are veiwed under the same eye az one see'z a pimp. We live in a day and age where people have uzed the less iz more quality az a crutch to just not try. Letz do simple, Simple, simple stuff just to look like we're in the ball park, and look like we didn't put any effort into it. But I praize the Dandyz, becauze they're men who don't stop their lifestyle becauze of the modern age. Style and class that haz been laid from generation through generation. In all I can't wait to see what Patrik haz in store for the show. I salute him.

Bold without the blackberry!!!!!

When people tell me to describe my dad, I tell them he'z the Subtle verzion of me. But when he wantz to, he can push style to the limit!!!! Like with thiz Royal Blue joint he killed it with. Man he'z so OG right now!!! so much wizdom and insight on life when you listen to him. He haz taght me so many thingz. I think the biggest jewel he dropped on me, waz let your talent speak for you. No need to be extra, even when everybody elze iz doing so. Through that he taught me how to be cntent with thingz. Trust Pastor Milton Brown, Sr iz a true man'z man.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bring the pain!!!!!!

Theze jointz will definetly bring the pain to all my haterz on theze new haven streetz!!!! had to have theze!!! less talking, more doing!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Yall stuck on the same chapter, i'm in a whole different book.

i've been here too many timez with ya'll, don't feel like explaining. The heading sayz it all. Check ya'll impulse!!!!! Just remember Milt-Fresh did it First!!!!

FOR THE LOVE OF THE FuZz: DWIGHT EUBANKS from housewivez of Atlanta

Now the Housewivez of atlanta seazon haz come to cloze. If you were to ask me who waz my favorite on the show??? Well it wouldn't have to be none of thoze ghetto birdz!!! LOL! Itz Mr. Dwight Eubanks!!!!! Yez everybodiez favorite well dressed, over the top, snobbish, gossiper to the ladiez. Dwightz personality matched hiz appearance to a t. letting everybody who he came in contact with that, he iz about perfection and nothing less. And he proved to be a great asset to Share' (or however they spell her name) fashion show that had to be one of the best Fashion Showz i had ever seen. Lisa sexy and all but she needed to consult Dwight on how to put together a seriouz fashion show!!!! Wild part iz, Dwight'z not into fashion. He haz great knowledge in the feild, but itz not hiz perfession. He'z a hairstylist that runz hiz own Salon thatz called the Purple Doors. Which leadz me to the next bit of newz. Through the internet grape vine i've learned Dwight iz up next for a reality show spin off of hiz own, dubbed "behind the purple doors", which documentz a day in the life of the salon. I can't wait, thatz one show I will support, and will watch faithfully. Dwight'z style to me iz more of a great gatsby mixed with the bold color use of a pimp that shopped on savil row. Only way to describe hiz look. And I can't wait to see what hiz reality show haz instore.

The reazon why I like interior decorating again!!! Kim Myles

Neicy nash will always be the sexiest chick in interior dezign. But Kim Myles iz my new favorite televizion interior decorator. She just oozez sexy in my opinion.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keep ya head up

Stress playz a major part in our livez. Many timez it'z due to how we adapte to the atmosphere. Other timez itz how we interact with one another. Then at timez itz self inflicted. People ask me why do I get dressed up everyday? Becauze it getz me ready to face a harsh day at work or where ever elze i'm taken through itz course. In the profession I'm in, I deal with at risk kidz and children with mental disabilitiez. So at timez my dayz have a lot of stress and strife added upon it. I would love to be sitting in a coffee shop discussing tom ford'z new film project or the accomplishmentz of Karl Lagerfeld or just being able to travel abroad. But I don't have that Luxury like I would love to. But i'm forced to battle in the trenchez. But I chooze to do it while looking splended and maintaining a smile. Man therez so much that at thiz pointcan stress me out but I can't let it worry me. My mom haz seriouz lupus. At timez it'z crippling almost. She triez she fightz through life well with a smile and dressed to keep from being defeated. But theze suckaz don't really beleave she'z az bad off az she sayz she iz. We see her body wrracked with pain in the houze. While they're talking to her her body iz in pain but she doezn't show it on her face. But otherz aren't are quick to dump their problemz on my parentz, like my parentz don't have issuez of their own. People see the finish product, but they never see, what it took to get to that point. The pain and suffering. Like I said there are many thingz to stress over. But You have to find joy some where. Thatz why I stunt so hard and go shopping when I can. But most of all I try to enjoy my time with my love onez.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Date with pookie!!!!!

man technology iz a trip, man pookie and I were at Olive Garden last night twittering about our date. Man too many funny momentz. to be honest the date went realllllll smooth. Not a hater in sighnt. We got to talk about a lot of thingz. Even if the waitress tried to stick me for my paper!!!! LOL! The pic doezn't do it justice, but pookie'z Fit waz mean!!!!!! Green and purple on em!!!!! Buut we had a ball. A much needed evening out on the town. Everyday stressez try to bog uz down. But when we get together, none of that matterz. Only the love we share iz relevent. For all ya'll that be on twitter you can follow me at

Sunday, November 15, 2009



can we dance!!!!

the antonio'z are the meanest!!!!