Friday, November 20, 2009

FOR THE LOVE OF THE FuZz: DWIGHT EUBANKS from housewivez of Atlanta

Now the Housewivez of atlanta seazon haz come to cloze. If you were to ask me who waz my favorite on the show??? Well it wouldn't have to be none of thoze ghetto birdz!!! LOL! Itz Mr. Dwight Eubanks!!!!! Yez everybodiez favorite well dressed, over the top, snobbish, gossiper to the ladiez. Dwightz personality matched hiz appearance to a t. letting everybody who he came in contact with that, he iz about perfection and nothing less. And he proved to be a great asset to Share' (or however they spell her name) fashion show that had to be one of the best Fashion Showz i had ever seen. Lisa sexy and all but she needed to consult Dwight on how to put together a seriouz fashion show!!!! Wild part iz, Dwight'z not into fashion. He haz great knowledge in the feild, but itz not hiz perfession. He'z a hairstylist that runz hiz own Salon thatz called the Purple Doors. Which leadz me to the next bit of newz. Through the internet grape vine i've learned Dwight iz up next for a reality show spin off of hiz own, dubbed "behind the purple doors", which documentz a day in the life of the salon. I can't wait, thatz one show I will support, and will watch faithfully. Dwight'z style to me iz more of a great gatsby mixed with the bold color use of a pimp that shopped on savil row. Only way to describe hiz look. And I can't wait to see what hiz reality show haz instore.

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