Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thankzgiving day waz great, Do know one plate of food put me down for the count? man i'm lozin my edge!!! LOL! Well keeping up with the family tradition my family took to the streetz of New Haven to hit the Hillhouze Vz Cross foot ball game!!! The elm city classic az itz called, kicked off with the thankzgiving day breakfast. But WAIT, STOP THE PRESSEZ!!!! YOU KNOW MILT-FRESH HAD TO HURT EM WITH THE MEANEST FIT!!! Yeah killed them Suckaz with the Zebra Fur top and scarf. Decided to throw my red satin tie in the mix to give it some kick, and my black and white spiral dezign fratelli jointz. Trust ya FuZz waz a one man wrecking crew with the style!!!!! So we made our way to the Hillhoze Cafeteria and I have to tell u it brought back memoriez!! I remember how me and my boy peepz uzed to go from table to table talkin to people Campaignin in suitz like we were politicianz. Shaking handz, kissing babiez!! LOL! Many gurlz uzed to bring their babiez to school!! LOL! My mom and dad in the glory. After the breakfast we hit the legendary bowen feild where the Stunting takez place!!!! Deffinetly took home the award for the flyest in the game if i say so, hate bragging!!!! On my twitter page I predicted there would be a lot of Coogi, dead party, Gor-text bootz and jordanz out there!!! And oh lord there waz it!! A lot of Champion Sweatshirtz and black and redJordan 12 kickz!! Straight suckaz all jordan did waz put suede on the black part!! And the negroz buy it!! Then for some rezon I saw a lot of U.S. Polo junk!!! I hate U.S. Polo with a passion, Go cop some Chapz if u didn't want to pay for Ralph Lauren Polo. on the dress scene there were three other gentz that I tilted my hat to. We gave eachother the eye, smile, and knod respecting the lookz. But at the game everybody knowz itz all out war with the fitz. Aside from the style, the game itself waz a gathering of people I haven't seen in yearz, or onez I just talk to on Facebook! LOL! kicked it with the 03 hillhouze football team. Met up with a few homeburlz, and chilled with my uncle!!! He'z seriouzly old school. Hillhouze game wouldn't have been complete without a fight breakin out in the bleacherz!!! All u saw waz catz tumblin down them jointz, and hoping over the gate onto the feild. But it got dispersed quick. Young catz buggin. wantin attention. It waz a fun day today. happy thankzgiving to all.

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