Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Get caught up in the sweater hype!!!!

So I went on line at Expess.com and came across theze mean Sweaterz. Seemz that Expess iz uping their design scheme. Both striped jointz are mean. Can deffinetly see me wearing theze. Hope theze actually make it to the store. I'll know by the weekend!!! Now the skull joint i'm on the fence with. For one I hate logoz and designz on the back. alwayz have and alwayz will. Companiez make the illest shirtz and sweaterz, but they position the design or logo all wrong!!!! I would rather have the skull design in the front instead of the back. My only issue with it. Alwayz in love with expresses sweaterz, they can do no wrong in the winter. Summer...Thatz a different story! Last summer waz kind of wack for them!!! Otherz enjoyed their big logo polo'z. not for me, once again can we position the logoz better people!!!????

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