Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keep ya head up

Stress playz a major part in our livez. Many timez it'z due to how we adapte to the atmosphere. Other timez itz how we interact with one another. Then at timez itz self inflicted. People ask me why do I get dressed up everyday? Becauze it getz me ready to face a harsh day at work or where ever elze i'm taken through itz course. In the profession I'm in, I deal with at risk kidz and children with mental disabilitiez. So at timez my dayz have a lot of stress and strife added upon it. I would love to be sitting in a coffee shop discussing tom ford'z new film project or the accomplishmentz of Karl Lagerfeld or just being able to travel abroad. But I don't have that Luxury like I would love to. But i'm forced to battle in the trenchez. But I chooze to do it while looking splended and maintaining a smile. Man therez so much that at thiz pointcan stress me out but I can't let it worry me. My mom haz seriouz lupus. At timez it'z crippling almost. She triez she fightz through life well with a smile and dressed to keep from being defeated. But theze suckaz don't really beleave she'z az bad off az she sayz she iz. We see her body wrracked with pain in the houze. While they're talking to her her body iz in pain but she doezn't show it on her face. But otherz aren't are quick to dump their problemz on my parentz, like my parentz don't have issuez of their own. People see the finish product, but they never see, what it took to get to that point. The pain and suffering. Like I said there are many thingz to stress over. But You have to find joy some where. Thatz why I stunt so hard and go shopping when I can. But most of all I try to enjoy my time with my love onez.

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