Saturday, November 7, 2009


WESTSIDEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I know i'm wild. lol! For the For the love of the FuZz segment i'm showcasing the homie from the west coast Nate Dog. Many feel iz the west coast hip-hop dresser who deservez the acknowledgment. However, on one hand snoopz sence of style(when he getz dressed up) iz over rated at timez. Don't get me wrong Snoop iz SHARRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPP!!!! But Nate Dogg haz a smoother quality that at timez iz over looked. Even when he'z dressed down, he haz a knack to still convey a classy air and still balance hiz hood aura. how you ask? He incorperatez a dress hat in hiz attire. Preferably a derby. He'z worn them with everything, basketball jerseyz, jean suitz, to a three peice suit. Which i really respect. Becauze he waz doin it around a time when the look waz a tabu in style. Now a dayz niggaz do anything. But you look at a spand of 95-2003 you saw nate dog wearing dress hatz with everything. take it back to Luda'z Proz in different areacodez. Now to be honest I waz't a fan of the whole Tupac style bandanna with the suit thing. However, that waz the west coast for you. Nate Dogg embodied what the west coast stood for. Derbyz, with everything, chuckz, wally clark mocz, chuck tailorz, adidas kobe'z in purple and yellow(befor he waz dropped), jean suitz, khaki suitz, Stacy Adamz when they got dressed up. Itz what u love about LA. Take it back to Kurupt'z we can freak it or kurupt'z we itz over now. Even Tupac'z california Love remix. Pac showed u how the west put it down. Derby on with a wife beater under shirt and pantz. The west had itz own idenity and prided itself on it. but Since the throw back Jersey and white t boom, everybody started looking the same and the county hazn't been the same stylewize. Anyway, I tiltz my godfather to a slept on style beast!! True BSP!!

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