Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out last night!!!!

Waz out with pookie last night for a lil dinner at our resteraunt. A night full of loud patronz and gawking suckaz who have issuuez!!! Wild that happenz everytime we go to dinner LOL! But besidez that we needed to get together last night. A lot going on in our livez and we needed that time to converse and share how we felt. Yo why one chick walked in doin her birthday day dance!!!??? LOL!!!! oh man to HILARIOUS!!!!! Lol!!!! I'm tellin u people just love to cut loose in public!!! Should be the other way around. Anyway another great night. Homey couldn't look me in the eye!!!!! I don't know why LOL! Monkeyz can't look the lion in the face!!! LOL!

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