Tuesday, November 10, 2009

control ya IMPULSE part 5 or 6, my bad, lost count!!!! LOL!

First off, I did thiz on my twitter page (www.twitter.com/miltfresh), but I wanna give a shout out to the Impulse team for showing me love on their twitter page (www.twitter.com/impulseshoe). They respect the way a brotha doez it. I am the unofficial spokez man for Impulse Sport Culture!!! LOL! Anyway on to the kickz. last month I blogged about the white/royal and white/red/silver color wayz of theze kickz. I wanted to highlight the two stand out pair. Now for a while I waz in limbo with theze. Out of all of them theze came the closest to looking like the Air Force onez. However, after analyzing them I have to say in some instantcez thiz black and white paten leather pair are the best, that have been spawned. Theze are the easiest to dress up. i could see theze with a mean tux, dress shirt, and tie. topped off with a kangol(no widebrimz, or godfatherz unless u know what ur doing, we all can't be Milt-Fresh). But I have to say, the key to doing sneakerz and a suit iz all in the tailoring of the pantz. They have to fall just right over your sneakerz. Theze aren't az bad becauze they're hightopz. The problem becomez more prevelent with Low top kickz. All in all great shoe. Deffinetly have to cop theze.

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