Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Date with pookie!!!!!

man technology iz a trip, man pookie and I were at Olive Garden last night twittering about our date. Man too many funny momentz. to be honest the date went realllllll smooth. Not a hater in sighnt. We got to talk about a lot of thingz. Even if the waitress tried to stick me for my paper!!!! LOL! The pic doezn't do it justice, but pookie'z Fit waz mean!!!!!! Green and purple on em!!!!! Buut we had a ball. A much needed evening out on the town. Everyday stressez try to bog uz down. But when we get together, none of that matterz. Only the love we share iz relevent. For all ya'll that be on twitter you can follow me at www.twitter.com/miltfresh.

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