Monday, November 23, 2009


At first I waz going to do just a straight up post on my soon to be favorite Bravo show Launch My line, thatz soon to premier December 2. From watching the comercial, I noticed a gent with an eye catching flair for style. Meet German born and California Raized PatriK Mcdonld. One of the contestantz who will be dezigning on the show. From the comercial shot, he waz decked out with a window pain plaid suit and most of all a top hat!!!!! A TOP HAT SUCKAZ!!!!!!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWZ HOW TO WEAR A TOP HAT WITH CLASS!!!!!! TAKE THAT T-PAIN AND FLAVOR FLAV!!!! Besidez having a great sense a style, he'z a major power player on the New York Fashion/Style scene. He waz an Assistant buyer Barneys New York and couture director at Fabrice. He'z also been featured in Paper Mag and waz also been dubbed one of Gotham Magazine'z Best dressed men. Handz down he'z my favorite on the show. He'll be one veiwerz will tune in every week to see what he'z wearing!!! One thing I want to point out iz he'z promoted az the Dandy of the show. When we look at Dandyz through history, they were refined men, who placed emphasis in keeping up their appearance, gentlemen who oozed sophistication and prided themselvez on etiqutte in the 1800'z. Uzuall associated with the aristocracy. When we look at their appearance they're uzually seen in a top hat, a derby bowler, or a driving cap, or a fedora. A well tailored plaid suit, pocket watch chain draped from the pocket, traditional tie or bow tie. Ralph Lauren haz walked the fine line between dandy and preppy. Some dandyz go over board with their ensamblez and some are subtle about it. In thiz case Patrik goez over board with it. AND LIKE I ALWAYZ SAY, IT'Z BETTER TO GO OVERBOARD THAN TO NOT GO AT ALL!!! I mean you know how am about my personal style. Thatz the number one complaint I hear. Milt-Fresh iz too flashy, Milt-Fresh iz too out there. Itz a matter of taste and creativity. I'm not a dandy and don't claim to be. But In today'z age Dandyz are veiwed under the same eye az one see'z a pimp. We live in a day and age where people have uzed the less iz more quality az a crutch to just not try. Letz do simple, Simple, simple stuff just to look like we're in the ball park, and look like we didn't put any effort into it. But I praize the Dandyz, becauze they're men who don't stop their lifestyle becauze of the modern age. Style and class that haz been laid from generation through generation. In all I can't wait to see what Patrik haz in store for the show. I salute him.

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