Friday, April 17, 2009

Just got back from thee N.E.R.D concert at souther!n!!! My ears is freakin ringin!!!!

Excuse my face in the ful body shot. I was caught in mid laughter!!! Anyway just came back from the NERD concert!!! Was most definetly live in that peice!!!! As you can see a brotha had to go hard on em with the FuZz game!!! Pulled out the wine and gray Zota's. Got more pics of the day, just too tired to post em. I even have viseo of the NERD performanc. just bought A NEW PHONE. i'M Lliving for eternity!!!! So when I learn how to send video up here the Milt-Fresh Experience will be the first to see!!! Brown collection suit, Zota shoes, scala hat!!!

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