Friday, April 3, 2009

The real Ghetto Chic!!!!

When it comes to the origin of the fitted, it's safe to say it was heavily worn by New York cats. However, when it came to fitted caps being worn one or two sizes too big, it would be safe to say it's a brooklyn thing. Yes Jay-z ranted "hat cocked/can't see his eyes/ who could it be/ with that new blue yankee on/ who but me"? However, the fitted cap didn't really get it's true shine(no pun intended), until the court case of Shyne and diddy. Forget diddy, Shyne made the Boldest statement of all time by rocking oversized fitted caps and fine cut italian suits to each trial hearing. We take it for granted because everybody has just abused the look between a span of 01 and now. That look was sooooooooo brooklyn. With these outfits, Shyne really represented what it ment to be Ghetto chic. For one he was one of the first to show that fitteds came in many flavors and colors. Then theres the concept of what the oversized hat and suit meant. For one many never knew why cats wore their hats low over their eyes. Well many felt that when cats who were hustlin nights woouldn't be ID on the streets by cops if they couldn't see their faces. However, what started as a way for a drug dealer to hide their identity, turned into a huge fashion statement. Then to wear it with a suit is a bold move. And then wearing it to court is even bolder!!! Meaning that no matter what I'm a still keep it gangsta!!!!! i'm not a fan of Shyne bustin shots in the club, but i'm a fan of making a statement. This look spoke to the world. It's just sad he was jailed befor he could reach full potenial.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Love Me Some Shyne. He Is Too Fine I Was Mad When He Got Locked Up Too He Is Very Talanted