Sunday, April 12, 2009

Milt-Fresh Stuntin FuZz on Easter day!!!!!

I'm so coming to America on em!!!! Easter was a cool day. Saw a lot of dudes tryna stunt. but see to me everybody was gonna pull the white suit number!! That really ain't nothin new. So I decided to hit em with the coming to America to let em know who the king is!!! Man people were hit side ways by the fit. Shout out to my dad MILTON BROWN,SR(BROWN COLLECTION IS THE FUTURE OF MEN'S STYLE, AND I'M AT THE FOREFRONT). HE DOES THE SEWING AND I DO THE DESIGNING AND ALTERATIONS. Man they weren't ready for it!!!! All in all easter was a great day. I love hearin my dad preach about the reeason why christ rose from the dead. It lets me know I have a second chance at life. I know i've made some wrong moves. But in the end i'm able to repent for the things i've done. Not just to keep sinnin then beggin for forgivness. But to actually, make strides to be a better individual. But i'm glad to witness another easter alive in my righ mind with my family.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well babe you killed them you look sexy too