Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hometown landmarks and Memories: R-BAR

About three years ago it was 2006. I was 20 years old going on 21 and communtity college was the junk at the time. Young, flashy, fly and FuZz. To add insult to injury I was on the verge of ending a long distance relationship that was becoming meaningless and draining by the thought of the person. At the time I was going through the most weirdest form of a mid life crisis. It felt wild not going to the club and not dancing the night away like I used to do when I was a 17. Getting suited and booted, walking in the club feeling on top. Well to make a long story short, my home girl Vick Money decided to make a triumphent return to the club scene. So instead of hitting all of the over saturated clubs like Vandome and Gotham Citi, we hit a club that had been relocated from Milford to New haven, R-Bar. Man when we first started going, it was off the hook!!! But the bouncers really could not stand me. Especially this Jamaican dude. But the place was like an 03-04 high school reunion for all new haven high schools. Some of the dudes up in there partying tryna act like they ran the dance floor wildlin was nothin but babies and wall flower NERDs back in my prime, watchin me, ILL WILL 4x(R.I.P), and my bro P.O.D destroy vandome's dance floor. Those dudes showed respect, but it was wild watchin some of those dudes doin my dance moves I was doin years ago. It was just years ago they was tellin me next day in high school, "you was goin hard handlin older chick, I wish I could roll up to home girl like that". LOL! But anyway, so when me and vick-money got back to our school(Gateway comm college, what up!!!!) everybody we were the talk of the town. Everybody heard how we were partying hard in there. Well soon everybody and their mother from gateway was tryna party with us. We had my homegirl tiara(R.I.P) in there. Man it would be jumpin in there!!!!! You got to figure Young Joc just came out so they was playin it's goin down all night long!!!! Man I waas the leader of the motorcycle line for a crowd of thirty directin everybody where we goin!!!! Then there was the time my homegirl vick money passed out!!! Me and Tiara picked her up and threw her on a couch and sat on her so she wouldn't get up!!! I sat on her head!!!! LOL! then an hour later me and tiara talkin and Vick Jumps up and yells "WHO SAT ON MY HEAD!!!!!?????" Cursin out club goers walkin by!!! LOL! Man that junk was tooooo funny!!!!Same night my ex was callin my phone to make up with me!!!! but I ain't answer!!!! Long story with that. The last time I went there was my homegirl Tinowa's birthday party!!! It was toooooooo live!!!! All of the whole Gateway emptied out for it!!!! Well It was all majority female, my dude howey was the only other male(hey I never liked chillin with mad dudes, they carry chick charecter traits so at the end of the day might as well chill with chicks).We had a ball 28 people goin hard. Vick threw up on somebodies convertable from the fire escape. After I told everybody not to give her anything to drink!!!! So you ask, if you had so much fun partying, why did you stop!!! Well a lot of things became a factor. I felt I was trying to relive and recreate my glory days by trying to go clubing. Then do to my break up I felt like I was tryin to bag chicks in the club to fill a void. Those relationships didn't last anyway. Music blastin, people wavin their hands like they just didn't care, mad people givin me respect, but yet I felt alone!!!!! I gots to be real!! Then these suckaz was killin me walkin round the club with the fake Evisu's with the blazer and a fitted with the bottle of moet!!! Frontin like they the livest!!!! but yet you watchin my moves to see what i'm doin!!!! nah but you got the blazer with a bottle of Moet!!! LOL! Suckaz!!! Then bouncers started profilin me hard!!! To me it just wasn't my scene anymore!!! If I do anything now it's balls and dinner functions. I've really grown from the club days. Everybody who knows me from the scene begs me to go out to the club partyin with em, but it ain't me!!! People try hard too. Then man I even look at the old crew, many of us don't even get along no more. You can't even get us in the same room for a second without an arguement. Then many have gone on to have kids!!! Don't get to go out like they used to. New relationship ect!!! IDK, guess it's life. But R-Bar was the junk for a min. Now it's one of the biggest fist fight and shot out you want to have in New Haven!!!! it's over saturated now. Just like the others. It doesn't take new haven long because theres no where else for New Haveners to party. Many try hitting out of town joints, but to be real out of town club you got to really watch ya back. Cause people can tell you're from New Haven. Hartford and bridgeport cats can tell your from New haven at the drop of a hat. Man theres too much politics in partyin. Well it was fun while it lasted

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well Babe i must say you sure seemed liked the typical party goer. I Went To thr R-bar once and i shall never return lol cause like you said all they wanna do is fight. But it sounds like you had a good time when you went. I Remeber you telling me ya homegirl Threw-Up On somebodies car lol she must've really had tooooo much to drink. But you aint tell me when that she passed out and you sat on her head lol you crazy for that one. But i must say i enjoyed reading this babe keep up the good work Mr. Motorcycle man lol.