Monday, November 3, 2008


yo a lot of people are gonna hate me for this one and I don't care!!! DJ Cassidy's suit for his 27th birthday is SOOOOO FuZz it's not even funny!!!! He decided to step out of his element and really go hard on em with the pink. I mean dig the ideology behind it. A white guy in a pink suit. Not just a guy!!!! We're past that stage!!!! But a white guy in a pink suit!!!! It's freakin art on canvis!!!! Do you know how many times I hear from white guys "only you guys can pull those colors off, we look like clowns if we did that"(sidebar, they are lucky I don't feel like acting undignified for the racist junk!!! I'm not crazy I know slick racial undertones when I hear them!!!! Don't get me started with you people!!!!). But DJ Cassidy took their small thought process and threw it back in their faces!!!! To no surprise a lot of online bloggers hate this look. You would think after the rise and fall of Cam'ron(even though Pharrell and Fat joe did the pink befor him)we would look at Pink as just another color. Maybe i'm saying that because I have a lot of pink items(yes including 2 pink suits). Other than yours trully and DJ Cassidy the only other person who rocked the mess out of a pink suit, had to be Don C at the Grammy's a couple years ago!!!! But DJ Cassidy killed this look!!!!!

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