Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I'm just bein crazy!!!!!! Doin what I want to do, been coppin more fUzZ!!!! OH, let me put ya'll up on somethin!!!!! For about 7 moths I been coppin a certain type of shoe!!!! The brand is called ZOTA!!! They specialize in the new pointed toe shoe trend hitting the fashion world. But what makes these shoes so cick, is that there made out of 100% Genuine PONY SKIN!!! YES, I said, PONY SKIN!!!! I just bought a pair of all blacks to add to the collection. I'm endorsing these babies hard, because they are cutting edge. You don't see everybody with them. Plus everybody can't rock pointed toe shoes. The trick with zota's or any pointed toe shoe, is to get a size up. My true size is a 10 1/2. So for comfort I rock with the 11. They might look big, but that's where the tailoring comes into play. Your pants leg should fit perfectly, over your shoes. Even, if they don't so what!!! With the detail, they we're made to be seen. Don't get me wrong, I still rock with stacy, giorgio, impulse, and wayne. But Zota is a cutting edge shoe company!!! Now watch everybody go out and buy some cause I said so!!!! Dudes already be jockin in the store!!!! Niggaz be lookin at what i'm coppin, then front like they don't want it!!!! But, I hear ya'll niggaz!!! "yo, i want them shoes like he got!!!" Sorry niggaz!!!!! Dudes try to hard!!! I buy what I like, ya'll buy what ya'll see!!!!

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Dan ''Spiffy'' said...

Dude you are on point with the Zota shoes. I'd seen that style (pointy with pony hair) for a few years now, but never found a specific brand until now. They are HOT!